Falling Trees!

Please use caution when riding in Ash Canyon on windy days! We’ve witnessed the skinny burnt trees in the picture below falling from across the canyon. We were wondering what all the crashing noises were, and then when we neared the edge of the canyon, we saw a few more trees fall. Crack! Whump!

Falling Trees

Today we rode the creek trail, and one cracked right above our heads. I was just starting to wheelie over a log crossing when the CRACK! sound exploded in the trees behind me. Both Jon and I thought for sure that a giant bear was charging us. The tree didn’t topple over, but from the sound of it, it was pretty close!


7 thoughts on “Falling Trees!

  1. Might want to stick to pavement, where its safer! No falling trees in a parking lot. Let the crazy’s have the outdoors. :^)

  2. Yes, Ni!. Luckily I know a shrubber. Roger the Shrubber. He arranges, designs, and sells shrubberies.

    Brian. I’m thinking the camping display at REI is a safe place. It’s got that outdoorsy feeling without all the risk.

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