New Bicycle Route Map

The newly revised (2nd edition) Carson City Bicycle Route Map and Safe Cycling Guide should be available soon. Here is a video with information and a quick interview with Muscle Powered’s Anne Macquarie over at News Carson City. I picked up my previous map from the Bicycle Aurhority, and there are maps available for download over at Muscle Powered (although I’m not sure if these are the revised editions…).

There is some talk in the video of changes in status to the Arrowhead Drive Route, which I find to be a great bicycle route around the north side of town. I’ll try to get more information on this…

Update: Please see Anne’s comment for the complete details on this new map!

2 thoughts on “New Bicycle Route Map

  1. Jeff-
    the new map already is available from map sponsors including the local bike shops, Carson City Parks and Recreation, Carson City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Flume Trail Bikes….We still have an old version on our website, but we’ll put a new one up as soon as Arleen gets back from vacation and gives me the file.
    Re Arrowhead Drive. In the last map, we showed a road bike tour route on Arrowhead Drive. Lots of people do this ride as part of the informal “Tour de Carson City.” Arrowhead Drive landowners raised a stink, called Supervisor Pete Livermore, who reamed me about it in a public meeting (not pleasant).
    I don’t quite know why they were so opposed to it. Their stated reason was that bicyclists might interfere with trucks making deliveries. They were very proprietary, though, saying things like they didn’t want strange bicyclists up in their industrial area. We pointed out that many workers up there ride their bikes to work, but they said that was different. Very odd.
    Anyway, one condition of the City helping to fund this version of the bike map was that we leave that route off. We did, although I’d like to point out that it’s still a good ride, whether it’s on the bike map or not.

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