Walking The Distance

south-trailhead Today I walked the proposed trail connecting Kings Canyon Rd. to Ash Canyon Rd. The distance is about two miles, and it took me four hours to complete. The first half of the trail is on Forest Service land. Provided the agency gives its approval to this project, our only challenge will be the terrain.

The second half of the trail is a different story. It is on Carson City land, which is good, but there is a bit of private land to the west which happens to be the most desirable route. I hope when surveyed, we’re safely below the west boundary. Next week I’ll pick up an overlay map from the city that will have the contour lines and private property boundaries.

Now for the good stuff. Climbing out of Kings Canyon Rd. to the first saddle there is a steep side slope with a mix of pine, sagebrush, manzanita and grass. Perfect for discouraging ATV use. After walking over the saddle I started my descent into North Kings Canyon. To my surprise I found an old road bed leading right where I needed to be; it crossed the creek well above the waterfall.

Descent into North Kings Canyon

Descent into North Kings Canyon

That’s how it went for most of my walk. When I needed a route one would appear, whether it was an old road or an animal trail.


Middle Bench

When I got to the second half of the proposed trail I was able get a closer view of the multiple terraces that dot the city owned property of our route. My friend Josh told me they were constructed in the 40’s(?) in an attempt to retain more water for Carson City. Interesting, sure, but I was more interested to see if we could use a terrace as part of our trail. Upon closer inspection I think we can.


Terraces Above Taylor Flat


bear-scatAt this point in the day I was getting tired, so I made my way down to Ash Canyon Rd. Along the way I came upon the largest, healthiest bear scat I had ever seen. This thing looked as if the bear was getting three square meals a day. I wouldn’t be surprised if when he sat down to take this massive dump he relaxed, took in the fantastic view, read the Nevada Appeal, and didn’t even bother to lift his nose towards the F.B.C riders whoopin’ and hollerin’ on the trails below.

This first scouting of the trail is just a preliminary walk. Max and I will be walking and marking the trail within the next two weeks.


View of Baldy Green from across Ash Canyon



Carson City Below

8 thoughts on “Walking The Distance

  1. keep your eyes open for a big Ursus americanus doing a michael jackson impression…

    can’t wait to ride these trails.

  2. Wow; building new trails. What an amazing concept. We should try that here. Oh, wait. The DNR won’t let us.
    Guess I just shouldn’t be so greedy. Be happy with what you have, fella.
    Well, enjoy your new trail work.
    Will it be open in time for the 2008 Blogger ride?

  3. xd. Would that impression be U.A. trying to entice me with Jesus juice?

    Brian. If approved I estimate competion date to be in 2009. Though, if the Forest service is motivated to have a trail network in Carson City, it could be sooner.

  4. if U.a’s going for authenticity, besides the one glove thing, i’d say yes.

    “complete” in ’09 but how soon could we ride them?

  5. Knowing the trail builder’s ambition, I’d say we’d be able to ride them much sooner; however, it is getting close to winter. The trail site will be under snow pretty soon, and will delay the construction.

    This goes for the Creek Trail too! Enjoy it now while the trail is clear of snow. Typically, this area doesn’t melt in the winter, since it is shadowed from the sun by the tall canyon walls.

  6. The creek trail is really a great ride with the weather we have been having. It looks as though there are plans for it to go even further UP the canyon? If so how does someone help with this project.

    Loving the ride…and willing to work for it!!

  7. Lester, Thank you for inquiring. I lead a Tuesday night mountain bike ride which meets at 6pm at the Bikesmith. If you would like to join us on our ride we could discuss the project and I could better inform you on our progress. Or you could keep checking back to this blog as I will be posting all updates here, as well as pleas for trail work assistance.

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