Carson City BMX News

The following bit if news was found over at News Carson City:

Starting Gate“A request by the local BMX bicycle racing group for an additional $40,000 toward full night-time lighting of their track at Edmonds Sports was denied on a legal technicality. Parks Director Roger Moellendorf told the P&R Commission that state law forbids the use of residential construction taxes on projects that are more than three years into the future, that such monies must be spent within a three year period. Moellendorf said the money cannot simply be “banked” toward a desired project indefinitely. That raised a number of questions on whether money already set aside for the BMX lighting project can remain set aside, or should be siphoned off to other projects. Additionally, some Commissioners commented that based on the changing priorities of the community, such as possibly building a new indoor recreation center at the BMX site at Edmonds Sports Complex, such a change might require the BMX track to be moved, either somewhere else at Edmonds, or to a completely difference site.”

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