Ash Canyon Access

Water Tower ClimbBack in the 80’s it was obvious how to access Ash Canyon, but over the years there has been much development in this area, and it’s not as apparent as it used to be.  Some may just assume that the whole area is private property.  Fortunately, there are still a few access points to reach the plentiful trails above the city.

The road pictured here is accessible by heading up Ash Canyon Road, turning right onto Wellington West, and following it until almost the end before turning left up the canyon.

Here’s the Google Map.

One thing to note about the climb to the water towers, is that it is very steep! I’ve been riding this hill for years now, and it never seems to get easier. I just ride it faster!  The climb gets a bit easier after reaching the towers, so just hang in there.

Once at the water towers, there is the option to turn north and head downhill towards a variety of trails that terminate at the bicycle path, or continue up into the canyon to reach the upper trail network. An ambitious cyclists with a lot of time could stay on this road all the way to Hobart Reservoir, a very strenuous climb!

3 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Access

  1. The trail is very very steep and extremely strenuous to ride.

    Please keep saying that over and over. The last thing that needs to happen is that everyone catches on to a wonderful ride right here in Carson and it gets as crowded as the Flume.

  2. That trail looks like a piece of cake. How hard can it be?
    We have hills like that here.
    Ask my wife Morgan Fairchild, if you don’t believe me!

  3. We don’t have rentals, shuttles, or extraordinary views of Lake Tahoe, so I think we have little to fear from Flume Trail style crowds. But even the Flume isn’t that bad. I’ve run into more oncoming traffic on narrow trails like the Emigrant Trail near Truckee.

    Brian? In Michigan? Your state motto is, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Doesn’t sound to mountainous to me! Still, I will check with Morgan to be sure…

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