A Message From Muscle Powered

Muscle PoweredThis originally appeared on the Contact Page, but I felt that it needed more exposure here on the blog page. Here’s a message from Muscle Powered’s Anne Macquarie:

I’m looking for a few good Carson City bicyclists and pedestrians who want to become active in making their community better for biking and walking. Muscle Powered: Citizens for a Bikeable and Walkable Carson City has been in existence for ten years. We’ve done a lot – gotten a bike built path along the new freeway, published a bike map, got bike lanes here and there, organized bike-to-work week, etc. BUT WE NEED TO DO MORE.

Consider joining our board. We need people willing to stick their neck out, shake things up, to get a town we can really bike and walk in. Our next board meeting is Nov 15, check out musclepowered.org for details.

One thought on “A Message From Muscle Powered

  1. I plan to attend on the 15th! I’ll be moved to Carson City by then, and will be ready to become a board member.

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