On One Mary Bars

New Mary BarsUnlike the narrow straight bars available on almost every mountain bike in the early 90’s, there are a lot of new handlebars on the market today with a variety of bends and rise to suit different riders and styles. I recently acquired some On One Mary Bars, and mounted them on a single speed 29er for evaluation. As you can see, the Mary Bars have quite a bit of rearward sweep. To read my first impression of these bars, click on over to the Facility Bike Club blog HERE.

For a long term test of the Mary Bars on my 26er single speed, CLICK HERE.

3 thoughts on “On One Mary Bars

  1. Those bars look perfect for flying down the canyon holding on for dear life…superman style!!!

    Just take off those brakes and it will be good to go.

  2. Today was the 3rd day riding with these bars. They’re starting to grow on me! I guess it just takes a while to adapt…

    I think I’ll keep the brakes on though!

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