Pedestrian Killers Messenger Race

UPDATE:  I learned today that this event was canceled due to some other events that are going on in Reno.  We’ll see you at the Poker Run next week instead! 

Over on the Slow Rollers site, this event listed for this Saturday, the 27th.

Pedestrian Killers
When: 10.27.07
Where: Carson City, NV
Come crash the Nevada Day Parade with this messenger race.

I don’t have any other information at this time. If anyone has more details, please send them to me so I can post them. I’ll also try to check with The Bicycle Authority if I get some time.

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Pedestrian Killers Messenger Race

  1. I don’t have all the hip stuff required for such a race. My weekend may be crazy anyhow with relatives in town…

    I’ve often wondered if there were any active bicycle messengers within 200 miles of here. I guess I should clarify…Bicycle Messenger “Style” race.

    All this got me thinking of organizing a faux, multi-stage, singlespeed, moutain race with beer check points and stuff…

  2. I am totally into Faux! The more faux, the better I say.
    Well, except for the beer. That has to be real or its a deal breaker.
    Let me know where I sign up. I have a single speed and I like beer.

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