Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge

Clif Bar has a cool site called the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge. The site claims that 40% of U.S. urban travel is 2 miles or less! There is a cool map feature that allows you to plug in your home address, and map out the 2 mile radius around your home. Once you do that, you can display all the places you might visit…bike shops, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. It’s pretty amazing to see how much is so close to your house and is very practical to get to on a bicycle!

I plugged in the address of the home I’ll be moving into next week (can’t wait!), and within my 2 mile radius is pretty much everything I need day to day. Work, Bike Shop, Groceries, Friends, Coffee Shops, and mountain bike trails! Longer distances could be turned into multi occupant car trips; for example, a group shopping trip out to Trader Joe’s south of town.

Go check it out!

5 thoughts on “Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge

  1. You’re not kidding! The timing of the move may be funky. And by funky I mean that I may be homeless for a few days with everything I own in a storage shed! Hell week is coming…

  2. The 2Mile Challenge is laudable, and good for them to bring that to people’s attention while asking for action, but I’m not totally on board with the driving of a bus around the country to do it. Biodiesel isn’t going to be the answer.

    I don’t recall you having an Xtracycle, Jeff. Car Free Days has a fun story about two Xtracycles plus Trader Joe’s equaling $188. Just in case you are running out of excuses for buying new bikes. I think I’ll be getting an Xtracycle soon.

  3. It’s possible that a Utility Bike could be in my future. More convenient than a trailer for sure. Kona has the new “Ute” and Surly, the “Big Dummy”. The Kona is pretty affordable for a complete bike.

    I’ve already heard stories of deforestation to produce crops for Bio-Diesel. It has it’s own set of problems for sure!

  4. One more reason why I like Clif Bars! That is a great effort to promote and one that could have an impact if folks would get on board.
    Good luck with the move; nothing I hate more than moving. Except, maybe to Carson City! :^)

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