Global Warming Wise Leadership Rally Follow Up

step it up nevada 2007Here’s a follow up of the event I told you about earlier, the Great Basin Party/Rally for Global Warming Wise Leadership.

Muscle Powered had this to say, “50 people showed up at Comma Coffee on Saturday, November 3 to take part in conversations about Global Warming’s effects on Nevada wildlife, proposed coal-fired power plants in eastern Nevada, ways to build sustainable communities locally, and more. Kids made posters. People brought cookies and June Joplin provided coffee. Nevada Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie gave a rousing speech – and we all took a picture which will be delivered to Congressman Dean Heller to show that his constituents are looking for action on global warming at the local, state, and national level.”

More coverage of the even can be seen at the Step It Up website HERE.

4 thoughts on “Global Warming Wise Leadership Rally Follow Up

  1. I am not against coal fired plants as long as the emissions are handled properly. People want things both ways usually. They want environmentally friendly power generation, but want to pay $60/month for electric. We aren’t there yet.

  2. It’s more than just the emissions though. Coal mining, which includes mountain top removal, is very environmentally destructive. You must look at the whole process.

    One of the big arguments in Nevada, is that we have great potential for wind, solar, and geothermal generated energy. Nevada is not a big producer (if any?) of coal. The only reason they are proposing coal, is that our governor has connections in that industry. You can google “Jim Gibbons and Coal” to see what I mean… It would be wise to invest in clean, renewable energy sources today, then try to figure out what to do when coal, oil, and natural gas become more scarce.

  3. Screw coal. Those guys are already standing in line after the oil industry to be in bed with the pols, destroy the planet and make a zillion dollars while doing it. Don’t forget to mention how miners are treated.

  4. Isn’t it amazing that in this day and age of hyper-technology and scientific wonders, we are still digging black rocks out of the ground and burning them for heat and power?
    And we wonder why we’re falling behind the rest of the world in alternative energy solutions and find ourselve entrenched once again in a disasterous war?
    Hell, even an island in Denmark is smarter than US and has found a way to generate all of the populations power just by harnessing the wind!
    Time to wake up and smell the bio-diesel folks!

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