John Mankins Park

John Mankins ParkJohn Mankins Park recently opened on the northwest side of town, and includes this mini skate park. There are very few signs at the park right now, so it is unclear if bicycles will be allowed in the skate park area in the future. Right now though, however, there are no signs saying NOT to ride…

This little bowl is pretty small, so I can see too many bikes creating a conflict with the skaters. If you were to get here at the right time of day though, you’d probably have the place to yourself.

Notice the low side of the bowl in the foreground.  Low height, and a gentle  wall angle would make it easy for a beginner to practice some double peg stalls.  I’ve always been afraid to try them, since the other park I’ve ridden  had very tall, steep walls.  I have a fear of falling onto concrete…a fear that doesn’t seem to diminish as I get older.  I’ll have to get my BMX bike down here and see if I can pull off a stall when nobody is watching…

John Mankins Park is sandwiched between Nye Lane and College Parkway.  You could probably ride your bike through the Nye Lane “entrance” which is just a hole in the fence with no parking.  The formal entrances with parking are accessed via Oak Ridge off of Winnie and Ormsby Blvd., or Oak Ridge off the College Parkway side.

While you’re there, treat yourself to a ride down the yellow slide off the playground tower.  Free fall and claustrophobia all in one ride!

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