Back in Carson!

Creek TrailThis weekend marked my return to Carson City. I was born here in 1970, but moved to Reno in 1988. From 1995 until last week, I lived in Gardnerville. I’ve worked in Carson City since 1995, but never really felt like part of the community. This all changed this weekend.

Typically I ride the west side trails on my lunch break. I see the same people everyday, and very few cyclists. I had the feeling that there weren’t too many trail users besides ourselves.

I got in a couple late afternoon rides this weekend, a time that I don’t normally ride in Carson City, and was pleased to see many other cyclists out on the trails! Some were people I knew, others I met for the first time. I thought this was cool for a couple reasons.

Firstly, it’s November. Many people put their bikes away for the cold season, so it was great to see people out braving the elements. I hate to hear, “The end of the Season”, because you can ride your bicycle comfortably year round with the right gear.

Secondly, I saw many new faces. This is important, since the location of many of the trail heads are somewhat secret, or “not advertised” if you will. This shows that word of mouth is getting around. One friend showing another friend, and so on. This is one of the reasons I think a blog/site like this can be such a powerful tool. You don’t have to reach everyone, just the ones you know that will start telling everyone!

There are many cycling resources that have been implemented, and many are in the planning stage right now. New bike paths, cycling maps, cycling events, new trails…Carson City is poised to be a great cycling city, and it’s exciting to be a part of it!

See you on the trail!

2 thoughts on “Back in Carson!

  1. I was in 5th grade in 1970.
    Thanks for bringing back that painful memory!
    Nice to hear in your comments a love for riding and a positive attitude about helping it grow within the community.
    Ummm, cut that out, will ya?
    You’re making the rest of us look bad! :^)

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