Useful Tools

Here is a link to the Federal Highway Administration website which offers free publications for our trail building needs. Even if you have no desire to build trails these publicationKaylas will help you understand why trails are built the way they are. You will also be able to identify sections where the trail design has its flaws, and what to do do to correct potential problems. The Baldy Green Trail is a good trail to critique, as it has mix of correct and incorrect design features.

8 thoughts on “Useful Tools

  1. Boy sure am glad I haven’t had the time to help out on the trails up in A.C.T. I would hate to be on the other end of that Rant. I had noticed some rock missing on some of the trails, like two or three weeks ago.
    I was up on Creek Trail Sunday and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
    But like 6Dogs said, I don’t have a trained eye.
    When is this work being done ?
    I know it’s not between 4pm and 6pm because thats when I am up there 3- 4 time a week.
    Hope your rant helps.
    and if you need help just ask

  2. Roger- The chap I am referring to is a super nice and friendly mountain biker. I removed the post so I could change the tone from me sounding like a selfish prick know-it-all to thanks for your help lets do it again sometime.
    In some areas he did good work, but in other areas he made it look and ride like shit. Fortunately I met him just as he had finished and was able to use his tools to finish what was started. Especially the lower Creek Trail. After we touched it up, I think it was an improvement.
    His biggest mistake is removing embedded rocks, and then not filling in the hole with dirt. So what ends up happening is; the speed bumps are removed, and what is left is potholes. I prefer speed bumps.

  3. Our natural rock speed bumps are also quite necessary. I don’t think anyone wants these trails turned into speed track downhills.

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