Car Free Day

Foggy CommuteLast Thursday I had a car free day! I started the day with a foggy commute. I took a less direct route to work, and rode down Mountain Street, past the Governor’s Mansion and other historical places of interest. The naked trees, fall colors, and foggy air made for a mystic commute. I took this picture, and then rode down to Main Street for some more pictures. Things that you wouldn’t even think about doing in a car on your way to work.

At lunch I joined the lunch crew and went on a cool singletrack ride up in Ash Canyon. The weather was unseasonably warm for this late in November, and we were able to wear shorts and short sleeves!

I took Nevada Street on the way home from work, pedaling down the almost deserted street. At each intersection, I could see the restive traffic on main street to the east sitting motionless.

Foggy CommuteAfter dinner, Jeff P hooked me up with some Night Rider lights, and we headed off to the Muscle Powered meeting. Early into the ride we saw another bicycle headed our way, complete with night lights just like us. When the cyclist caught up to us, we discovered that it was Barbara on her way to the Muscle Powered meeting! We formed a Carson City style Critical Mass, the three of us sharing our blinking lights to form a safety barrier around us.

Once at the Muscle Powered meeting, I heard about all the exciting projects that are happening around Carson City, and learned more about all the areas of our community that the group is involved in. Jeff P displayed his very impressive maps of the proposed trails that he has envisioned for the Kings Canyon / Ash Canyon area. His passion and dedication for this new trail project is commendable. Many of us would love to have new trails to ride, but few of us would go to the lengths that he has gone to make the dream a reality. The only thing standing in the way is government cooperation!

At the end of the meeting I nominated myself as a 2008 Muscle Powered Board Member. I felt a little funny doing this among such wise people, but thought that I should offer what I could to help out the cause. After the meeting we reassembled our “Critical Mass” and safely returned to our homes. As I went to sleep that night I thought contently, “This day is why I moved to Carson!”

7 thoughts on “Car Free Day

  1. Thanks for the kind words J-Mo, you will be a good addition to the Board.

    Good things are happening in Carson. We just need more cyclists to be active in the community and start showing up to City Supervisor’s meetings. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  2. Man, you are living the (Miller) high life, aren’t you!
    I am envious. Good to hear that there are places where new ideas are respected and change can work.
    Keep it up; you are making an impact.

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