Thanks FBC

000_0525It was almost a year ago that I ran into the FBC crew while riding in the Pine Nut Mountain Range in Gardnerville, NV. It was a beautiful fall day, and as I was rounding a corner I came upon an unconscious rider, her right leg twitching. I thought she was dead. The rider turned out to be J-Mo’s wife, Kristy. At the same time I saw Kristy in the face plant position, I noticed a rider (J-Mo ) coming to her rescue from the other direction. You can read their story here (now that I know J-Mo better, I’m surprised that upon his arrival he didn’t pull out his camera and take photos of his unconscious wife for his blog). When more riders from their group started showing up to the accident scene, I recognized them as the lunch time cyclists from Carson City. This wasn’t a good time to bring up trails in CC. I would have to do that another time.

That time came two days later when I stalked ran into Jeff and Kristy at her dentist’s office. I figured since they couldn’t get away from me I’d be able to talk to them about building more trails in CC. I then started blathering away to Jeff about my vision of trails in the Ash Canyon area. In particular, if I were to place pin flags on the ground, would they be willing ride in a trail during their lunch hour? He replied,”umm, yeah sure”.

You see, I thought the end of Deer Run needed a reroute. The end of the trail was an overgrown fall-line rut that wasn’t much fun. The reroute would take us around the contour of the mountain and end up near the bottom of the original trail. That was the beginning of the Postal Route (later named Sandie Goes Postal). Without their help it would have taken me forever to ride this section in. To all the riders of the FBC, I thank you.

Thank you Kristy for the face plant.

Thank you Sandie for this post. It got me motivated to do more. I am sorry you broke your ankle, but your accident did provide a great name for the trail (Sandie Goes Postal). Trail networks are always much better when there is a story attached to each trail in the system. I just hope I never have to name one the Deliverance trail.

Special thanks to J-Mo for providing this blog for us to have a forum, share information and tell our stories.

Thank you M & K for showing me the start of Baldy Green.

Thank you Amy for putting up with my long hours working on the trail, and my OCD.

2 thoughts on “Thanks FBC

  1. A few years ago, on the Creek Trail Version 1.0, I nearly ran over a homeless man bathing naked in the Creek. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen at that moment… Luckily I had backup and we didn’t have to call it the Deliverance Trail.

    It’s fun to go back and read those old posts and see how things have evolved!

    I was thinking of scheduling a “Clear the fallen trees off the Creek Trail party” this weekend, but it appears that somebody, i.e. Jeff P may have already done it last night! I think the new tree clearing section actually “enhanced” the trail!

  2. It was me you saw in the creek; I only look homeless.

    I was on my way to clear the blow down when I ran into Corky & Smilin’ Bob. Corky informed me they moved the trees out of the way. I am very grateful for their work.

    I agree, it did enhance the trail.

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