The Amputated Ungulate Appendage

SandieAfter a cold foggy morning, the sun finally came out just in time for our lunch time ride. Ride temperatures started out in the low 40’s. I had my warm riding gear from my commute this morning, but a couple of the riders were caught off guard…shorts, short sleeve jerseys, short finger gloves. Brrr!

We got to the water tower climb in Ash Canyon, and the air temperature seemed to climb rapidly. Sometimes we get an inversion in the valley where all the cold air sinks to the valley floor, and I suspect this was happening today.

Deer LegAfter some chatter at the top of the hill, we began our descent. Partway down, this dismembered deer leg was once again laying across the trail. This thing has been hanging around for at least a couple weeks now, and keeps showing up at various locations. None of us had time to see what it was, and had to wheelie over it, or swerve around it. All of us were successful except for Sandie. She didn’t show up immediately at the next check point, but when she did, she told us of her gruesome encounter.

IMG_0726Apparently her rear tire kicked the amputated ungulate appendage up into the air where it proceed to kick her in the butt! And to add insult to injury, the leg became lodged between Sandie’s rear tire and frame, causing her to have to stop and remove it manually. Yuck! From what I hear, the leg is now in two pieces…

I laughed as I finished the hill, but the humor stopped as I discovered a rear flat tire…a thorn I had picked up on my morning commute. The gang waited for me as I did my blazingly fast 8 minute tube swap.  I got my tire up to a flaccid 25 psi or so with the mini pump, and headed back to work.
One more lunch ride this week, and then it’s time for the Holidays!

6 thoughts on “The Amputated Ungulate Appendage

  1. I noticed part of that Deer leg on tonights ride. I didn’t realize it took part in an ass kickin’.

    You wouldn’t be changing a flat if you rode tubeless.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah, tubeless…

    Chris…that explains the slim jim wrappers I saw in the area!

    And BTW…did you know that ConAgra foods makes 21 million pounds of slim jims annually? That turns out to be 533 million slim jims. Yowza. I guess all the hair, beaks, feathers, hoofs, and guts gotta end up somewhere!

  3. Happens to me all the time. Can’t tell how many rides I have had to pull animal parts out of my spokes and frame! Nothing more irritating than finding a bengal tiger tooth lodged in my derailleur.
    Oh, and thanks Jeff for the info on Slim Jim’s; I just finished off a bag before I read that. Might have to switch to turkey jerky now! :^)

  4. Hey Dan!

    My current pump is one I found in the Pinenuts years ago. And my floor pump is lame too. They seem to start off good but quickly deteriorate… I need to break down and get a nice Silca.

    I was checking out that Stans to put in your tubes when you had it at the shop, but forgot about it. I may do some bikes tubeless, and put that stuff in the ones that aren’t!

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