End of the Week Review

The Baldy Green TrailThere was no riding for me on Thanksgiving; however, I did witness some pretty amazing sprints and feats of endurance at the dinner table…

I finished off my riding week on Wednesday with an extended lunch time ride, squeezing in two great trails into one ride. The temperatures plummeted this week making for some pretty chilly rides. Cycling specific clothing is key to comfort in temperatures like this, as the climbs can be hot and sweaty, and the descents bone chilling cold! A light insulation layer for just the right amount of warmth, and and outer layer that has most of its wind stopping properties in the front works awesome. As cold as it is, it’s still important to let excess body heat vent.

The Baldy Green TrailThis was also a week of great accomplishment for me. Although it was a short work week, I was able to complete the week CAR FREE! Commutes to work and lunch were all spent on the bicycle.

It was also a week spent learning. I found that the ideal route to work wasn’t necessarily the best route home. In fact the 1st route I took home had a couple of near death misses at the corner of Saliman Road and HWY 50! I would have almost certainly perished if not for my ninja-like reflexes. The best route home was found through Mills Park, thanks to tips from Scott and Sandie. Riding the narrow trails through the park at night is a blast. Additionally, cutting across HWY 50 through the large gaps in traffic on the north side of Mills Park is the safest option so far.

I also need to work on “the routine”. One day I forgot my wind vest, and another day I forgot a pair of underwear! I did, however, bring a few things to leave at work so I wouldn’t have to haul them back and forth everyday. Every day is a new adventure, and every day I learn something new!

8 thoughts on “End of the Week Review

  1. It’s the “Baldy Green” trail (named after a figure in Nevada History) up in Ash Canyon. Let me know when you want to ride it! Maybe Sunday?

  2. wow! riding everyday to work! and no car!

    awesome, awesome, awesome!

    my quest is to now find a job that’s close enough to home so that i can ride in almost every day – i just got laid off, 2 days after i returned from being overseas.

    oh well, change is good – especially when it involves commuting by bike.

  3. Jeff: Congratulations on your car-free lifestyle; I am impressed. We all should be so lucky.
    Forgetting underwear? Buy a new package of 5 tighty-whities and keep them in your desk just in case!

  4. Chris – “Settled” is a bit overstated. We’re getting there though. We just got furniture for the front room, so that makes a big difference. Tons of stuff to unpack and sort through still…

    Lauren – What?!? Spend all that money to send you over there, and then lay you off? Crazy. But maybe for the better. Finding something closer to you may be meant to be!

    Brian – I’ll stick the tighty-whities behind some glass with a little hammer that I can use to get at them in case of an emergency.

  5. I’d love to, but unfortunately I’m going to be working! Getting caught up after a week out of town playing.
    Soon though, it looks fantastic!

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