Sunday Ride

IMG_0735On Sunday, Kristy, Brent, and I rode out to the Centennial Trailhead (located behind the ball fields at Centennial Park) for some cold weather singletrack. After hooking up with the rest of the gang, we started the rocky ascent up into the deserty highlands above Carson City’s east side. This place was already pretty barren, but is even more so after a recent fire. There isn’t much cover out here as you can see, so this place is a better place to ride when the temperatures drop (although I hear it’s fun to ride at night in the summer!).

IMG_0740The Centennial Trail system is a stark contrast to the west side trail system. Although only a few miles apart, the dirt, rocks, plants, and animals are all quite different from each other. That’s one of the cool things about this area; if you get bored with one environment, it’s only a few miles to something completely different! You can go from THIS to THIS in no time at all!

For the most part, the west side of Carson City is made up of decomposed granite. Nice, smooth, sandy trails. Centennial has some nice smooth sections, but they lie between some fairly rocky sections. A full suspension rig is your best bet for the rapidly changing terrain. It’s not uncommon to come flying out of a fast, smooth corner into a rock garden! There are a lot of trails out there, and many can be ridden in any direction, making for plenty of options.

IMG_0737I hadn’t tried my full suspension rig, the Coiler from Kona, out at Centennial, so I decided to try it out. The five inches of free ride travel made the ride comfortable; however, the bike’s portly weight of 35 lbs made all the climbs much harder than they should have been. The geometry and handling were awkward for me too. It’s funny that a bike that I loved so much a few years ago can feel so foreign to me today! I’ve thought about it for a while now, but it’s time to sell it. I’m sick of complaining every time I ride it. It’ll make a great for bike for some shuttler/freerider. It will also give me some money to put towards what I think to be the ultimate bike. More on that later…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Ride

  1. I love those trails, a couple of the sweeping descents are super fun, fast, loose, fun!
    I have to disagree though, between the two bikes I’ve ridden there, I really prefer my carbon hardtail. I rode it on my 4″ travel Giant Trance, and maybe it was the tires I had on there, but I was a lot faster, and had more fun on the hardtail.

  2. I forgot to mention it, but the fastest rider/bike combo of the day was Jeff P on his rigid 29er! Nobody came close to matching his speed on the descents. I was kind of referring to the “general” rider though. Lots of folks might get beat up on some of those rocks.

    I still need to ride my single speed out there too and try a rigid bike on the trails. I found that on my hardtail, the front of the bike wanted to go fast, but the rear end smacked all the rocks. On the rigid bike, things seem more balanced…

  3. That’s funny, I also decided recently to sell my Coiler. Two summers of ownership and not one trip to Whistler or NorthStar. If I go, I’ll take pedals and rent a real DH sled, I guess. The 5Spot I’ve got is burley yet light enough for most anywhere I’ll ride. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a steel hardtail with some fairly light components for the TRT/Flume next year.

  4. So, do we get to weigh in on your new ride choice?
    I should have hung on to my Titus Racer-X for you. It was light for a full suspension bike and an excellent climber.
    Maybe a 29 Niner 1×9 with a suspension fork would be a good combination for those trails.
    Anyway, the trails look great and from the sounds of things, I could still ride in shorts out there! Damn cold here right now, so I’m whining (sniff).

  5. You’re pretty close on the bike I’m thinking of getting. Minus the suspension fork…

    Nah, it’s cold here too! The wind chill was probably in the 30’s for this ride. We warmed up with coffee next to the fire when we got home.

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