On One Mary Bars – Revisited

IMG_0743In a previous post, I reviewed the Mary Bars from On One as installed on the On One 29er. At the end of the test period, I felt that the Mary’s didn’t feel quite right on the 29er. I suspect it was just a bit too much rise for my tastes on that bike, since the front end of the 29er is already a bit tall.

After testing the Mary’s on the 29er, I moved them to my On One 26 inch single speed. After several weeks of riding, I’m in love with these bars! The bars add just the right amount of rise, and the width is just about perfect. If you measure straight across the bars, they are around 26 inches wide; however, if you measure the total length of the tubing, they are closer to 28 inches wide. This seems to translate into a lot of leverage for a bar that feels a bit narrower.

IMG_0750Sometimes a good way to test things out is to go back to what you are used to after some time with a new product. I rode my hardtail last week, and the standard riser bars felt a bit odd with my hands straight out in front of me. I missed the comfortable bend all week and never really got used to the standard bars again. I’m back on the Mary bars this week, and I’m happy again!

My single speed On One Inbred is my favorite bike for commuting. The Mary’s feel very natural in the urban setting. You can sprint easily enough if you need to, but they are quite comfortable for just putting around too. Another concern for commuting this time of year is mounting lights. I was worried that lights would be crooked mounted on the strange bend, but they mount perfectly on the tips of the M’s.

Since I use the same bike for singletrack jamming at lunch, it’s nice to have a bike that feels so comfortable for both settings. It did take several days to feel as comfortable on the Mary’s as I did with the standard riser bars, but now they feel as natural as can be and don’t seem to hinder me in any situation. I like the body position the bars put me in for descents, and they feel like bar ends on the climbs. Slow technical stuff is great with all the leverage the bars provide.

In summary, I highly recommend these bars for your 26 inch rig, especially if you will be using the bike for multiple purposes like I do. Like many of the parts on my single speed, the Mary Bars are another great product from On One. Simple, practical, and durable.

6 thoughts on “On One Mary Bars – Revisited

  1. Glad you found a set up that works well for you on the 26. However, if we ever ride together, don’t get offended if I laugh at your bars and heckle you a bit. Those things just look strange to me.

  2. The boy just won’t let it go, will he?
    Take him up on his offer (Tahoe Bloggers Ride) and leave him in you’re granite dust!.
    Then we will see who’s laughing.

    Happy to see them go to a good home!

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