Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour

I recently received an email from a Music PR firm requesting that I post the story of the Ginger Ninjas’ Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour. Being somewhat familiar with the Ginger Ninjas from their song Dick Cheney, and their association with XTRACYCLE, I was more than happy to. Here is some info from the PR site:

THE PLEASANT REVOLUTION Rock & Roll Bicycle Tour ~ N.Cal to the Yucatan ’07-’08

“This tour don’t run on biodiesel!”

On October 18, 2007 bands The Ginger Ninjas and SHAKE YOUR PEACE! will launch the “Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour,” riding over 5000 miles and playing over 90 pedal-powered shows from the foothills of the Sierras in North San Juan, California, to the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico. There will be no sag-wagons, and no buses hauling their gear: everything including the 800 Watt human-powered PA System will be hauled entirely on bicycle! The bands will be joined along the way by “The Caravan” – a fluctuating group of bicycle and music enthusiasts made up of friends, fans, and the general public. “Everyone,” say the bands, “is invited to come along!”

The tour will join other 2007 Bicycle Music Movement landmarks in what could be called “the year of the bicycle-based musician” – a year which witnessed a successful 600 mile, 25 show SHAKE YOUR PEACE! Bicycle Tour of Utah in April & May of 2007 (the first significant bicycle music tour to be accomplished without a sag wagon, and using a pedal powered PA system), and the monumental success of the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival on Aug. 11, 2007, a 100% bike-powered and bike-hauled event which heralded the arrival of the Bicycle Music Movement to the world, featuring: 10 bands, 5 public venues, a 400 Watt pedal-powered PA system, and outrageous cruiser rides taking over the city’s streets between each festival stop.

The term “Pleasant Revolution” was coined by Ginger Ninjas guitarist Kipchoge Spencer to describe the sense of joy, as opposed to sacrifice and loss, people find when they start living a more sustainable life.

“Our way of life threatens our way of life,” says Spencer, bay area bike culture hero, and co-originator of the Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle. “As people resonate with that point and start to contemplate giving up their cars and forsaking a lot of other conveniences they’re accustomed to, on the surface it could seem like they’re sacrificing and losing a lot. But the Pleasant Revolution is about realizing that by losing this stuff, we gain a life that’s way more rich, humane, and happy. Anybody who stops driving and starts biking feels that. Biking doesn’t feel like losing a car, it feels like you’re getting your life back! The message of the Pleasant Revolution isn’t: ‘sacrifice til it hurts,’ it’s more: ‘drop the excess, and have the time of your life.'”

Here’s the Video for Dick Cheney…

To join The Pleasant Revolution and have the time of your life, check out the tour’s schedule at, or the bands websites:, and

Music to buy can be found at, and it appears they are on iTunes too!

I also have permission to distribute some pre-cleared MP3’s from the band! I can’t post them here (due to the limitations of my WordPress account), but I can certainly email them to you! The tracks I have available are:

Stuck on Earth
Total Believer
Liberate Your Mind
Bird Fly, Bird Fall
Dick Cheney

Here’s a little more on the Ginger Ninjas…

GINGER NINJA LIFESTYLE: “Walk our talk? Hell no, we RIDE it!”
Sometimes the Ginger Ninjas tour on Xtracycle sport utility bicycles (SUBs) built to carry all their gear. Other times they strap their bikes to the back of Millie the Millennium Van—a retired school bus converted by Kipchoge to run on recycled veggie oil. Ginger Ninjas Pleasant Revolution Tour 2007.

In their continued quest for oversized adventure, the Ginger Ninjas are planning a four-month Xtracycle ride from Nevada City, CA to the Mexican Yucatan. Along the way, the Ginger Ninjas will play spontaneous street corners and scheduled shows in several large venues, and organize a bicycle summit in Mexico City. Their musical odyssey will be the basis of a documentary by Rattle Can Films of Boulder, Colorado.

Go to their live show for the (can you really call it?) rock but stay for the way the two lead singers move your heart. Just when the rhythm section has feverishly guided the audience into the mystic embrace of frontman Kipchoge (think Tom Petty smoking sunflowers while delivering the State of the Onion), into the mix slips punk Latina (she’s Uruguayan) seductress Eco. Yelling then whispering, tender then brutal, she evokes Courtney, Norah and Manu while subtly transcending all three.

6 thoughts on “Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour

  1. Love the video but would just like to know, where the hell is the rest of the music world? Does anyone besides Bruce, Pearl Jam and Green Day give a damn about what is going on over there? I hate to be an old-guy and pine for the past, but we could use a little Janice Joplin, Grateful Dead, Country Joe and the Fish and Marvin Gaye right now to get the message out.
    And you college kids? Put down the iPods, iPhones, iWhatever and get your ass off the couch and stand for something for 5 minutes of your life, will you please?! Jeez.
    Does anyone under the age of 40 give a crap about the wasted lives, money and opportunities that are going to haunt us for generations to come because of this clusterf_ck?
    Or is it no-biggy as long as gas is less than 5 bucks a gallon?
    Sorry to go off on a rant, but I just had to. If you keep this bottled up, someone is going to get hurt!
    Thanks for the music! :^)

  2. There’s a reason today’s music is generally out of rotation in a few months. It’s promoted by big corporations and it sucks.

    Live music is fun, but looks like those guys are long gone from my neck of the woods.

  3. The music is out there Brian, you just have listen to the right radio stations. Have you ever heard of Tobey Keith?

  4. Yee Haw, Jeff P! My favorite line from TK is…

    You’ll be sorry that you messed with
    The U.S. of A.
    ‘Cause we’ll put a BOOT in your ass
    It’s the American way

    P.S. Jeff…I need my “Jeff” belt buckle back. Are you done with it?

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