Carless in Sioux Falls

Here’s a video of my friend Snakebite in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Snakebite sold his car back in September, and travels mostly by bicycle. He’s allowed himself access to cabs, buses, and airplanes as needed, but these are infrequent events. It’s been fun reading about the progress of his carless lifestyle, and he has been posting data on the money he has saved by not owning a car. A Sioux Falls TV station picked up on the Snakebite story, and have given him some air time. Let’s watch…

Bonus Feature: The Carson City made Mojo Bag makes cameo appearances throughout the short film. Look on the handlebars!

10 thoughts on “Carless in Sioux Falls

  1. I imagine he talked the Mojo Bag up quite a bit. I think the people at the station may have edited out those parts because of high pressure from advertisers. Pat Robertson’s PAC was none too happy with the witchcraft subject from what I hear. Pat don’t do HooDoo. Interferes with his diamond mining operations in Africa…

  2. Yeah, maybe… You start off innocently enough with a good luck charm, and it’s a slippery slope from there to Black Magic, Sorcery, and Scientology.

  3. here’s what i want to know – is it really comfortable to ride in jeans when it’s that cold out? don’t they get stiff and stuff?

    or was that just “special jean footage” for the shoot.

    and, did they make him do the dishes before they came over?

    cool story by the way.

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