Snow Report

1st Snow CommuteI got up a few times last night, and peeked outside. I kept looking for any signs of snow, but only saw lots of rain. The snow didn’t really hit until I woke up in the morning. I was glad it was starting to stick, because frozen rain sounded too treacherous. I put my huge Trailbear 2.5 on the front, and aired it down to 22 PSI for extra traction. After bundling up and eating a bowl of oatmeal, I was off for the ride!

Early into the ride I passed the crossing guards that I see every morning, and one looked at me and said, “Ok now…that’s pushing it!”. Every person I encountered looked at me like I had three heads…a freak! It was snowing pretty heavy, and the cars were creeping. I was warm though, and I had plenty of traction. I know I was in much better shape then people in their lumbering cars though. They were bumper to bumper, and I was off in my own lane. It’s all about perception.

While stopping to take pictures in the park, a car pulled up and watched me. It didn’t leave until I rode off. With all my black clothes, maybe they thought a SWAT operation was going down.

1st Snow Commute

My winter Tights. Notice the Fleece Knees! I got these Black Bottoms from The Bicycle Authority a few seasons ago.

When I got to work, I was one of the only ones there. Lots of folks were still stuck on the freeway between Carson City and Reno. About an hour into work, there was a gas leak at a nearby Casino. The maintenance guy came down to the basement, and told everyone to evacuate the building. We were instructed to go sit in our cars! I went outside and got out of the snow by ducking into the smokers shelter…after I made sure that all the cigarettes were extinguished of course!

Lunch Ride above Carson City

Here’s a view of Carson City at noon time from the “Timberline” neighborhood.


Top of Timberline Road

My clothes still damp from the morning commute, I headed out for a lunch ride with Jon and Sandie. We stuck to the road for the climb up, but found some fresh snow covered dirt for the way down. Even though damp, my winter tights were still keeping me warm. My gloves on the other hand weren’t doing a whole lot for me. I’m going shopping this weekend for something more robust! My plan is to buy wool gloves and use a waterproof shell. A combo of natural and synthetic.

It felt good to get the first snow commute out of the way. Cold is not an issue. Snow is not an issue. The next challenges? Wind driven snow, and ice!

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