Snow and Cold Make Me Tired

Crossing the SaddleTwo days of snow riding, and I’m exhausted! Today we had a full crew, 4 guys and 3 girls, and we did our typical Monday Ride, the Lakeview Loop. A pleasant road climb, over the saddle, down a sandy wash, and back on the V&T Railroad Grade.

Except today everything but the road was either snowy or icy. The downhill was pretty wild with 3 to 5 inches of snow in places. Us riders with the rim brakes were hating it. Once we got down to the grade, we had a couple miles of frozen foot prints to ride through. It was slippery and slow going.

This morning’s commute was cold! The marquee at the park read 17 degrees as I rode past. I was warm, but my breath was freezing instantly on my beard. It felt funny when I moved my face around as the ice broke.

Some other pictures from today…


Amy practically begs me to take her picture.


Slippery Downhill

The slippery downhill.


Final Climb

The final climb.



Kristy with Washoe Lake in the background.


I took a few more photos…at least I thought I did. I bought some really big gloves this weekend that make shooting pictures tough. I got a couple with my fingers in the way, and some that I thought I took, I didn’t.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for me. Just a bicycle commute, and a Thai lunch. Maybe a trip to the bike shop too…

8 thoughts on “Snow and Cold Make Me Tired

  1. My experience is that some kinds of snow are like riding in sand, which is never good. Some days, I come home feeling like a wrung out dish rag after a snow ride.

    The photos are very nice. The blue sky contrasts well with the white terrain.

  2. Jeff P…And to think, against my better judgment, that I referred to you as “handsome” in the last post!

    Yes, a Pugsley would be pretty cool. It’s a bit lower on my “need to have” list though. Our snow doesn’t last long enough to have it on the top of my priority list!

  3. Wish we had something resembling snow! We’re getting ice…we can’t ride here at all. Thanks for the comment and thanks for the link. Great pics!

  4. I’ve seen the headlines for the freezing ice storms. That’s wild! We don’t get that here. Seems that it’s either sunny or snowing.

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