Trails… Eventually

brazil1.jpg I had the long awaited meeting with the Forest Service today. Those attending were: Chas & Anne Macquarie, representing Muscle Powered, Juan Guzman from Carson City Parks and Recreation, and Dave Marlow, Marnie Bonesteel, Steve Hale from the Forest Service.

Anne, Chas, and Juan are amazing. Juan is committed to getting trails built in the west hills of Carson City. His expertise in this field is invaluable to the project. Anne & Chas, who are committed to this effort as well, know what questions to ask and how to ask them. I would be completely lost without these three!

Throughout our meeting the Feds were very informative. After our sales pitch they let us know what it would take to get this project off the ground, and how long the process would take. I couldn’t really tell if they were 100% supportive of our plan (nor is it their job to be), but they were helpful in giving us different angles to look at so our project would eventually succeed.

Now here comes the bad news. If the stars are aligned, and we don’t run into any road blocks, it probably will be three years before we see a trail on Forest Service land. I know this is a long time to wait, but the Forest Service has a lot of land to manage and we’re not the only ones knocking on their door. They are also underfunded and understaffed, which makes things even more difficult.

I might get a few things out of order here, but I’ll mention what has to be completed before we break ground.

First, submit a proposal explaining why we need a trail. The proposal is then reviewed, and if approved, is added to their workload for 2008/09 ,which is adopted in October of ’08 for inclusion for their ’09 workload.
Next, any environmental assessments required are performed in the spring and summer, which after completion go for review and possible approval. If the project is approved we would be looking at trail construction to start in 2010. This is a simplistic explanation of what it will take to get the trail built, but there are many variables and any one of them could fail and put an end to the project.

Now for the somewhat good news. As I mentioned earlier, Juan is committed to getting these trails built. While we continue to work with the Forest Service we’ll pursue the construction of trails on Carson City land. This is a similar process but without all the hoops to jump through.

Send your messages of thanks and support to Anne and Chas of Muscle Powered, and
also to Juan Guzman.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining Muscle Powered. This project would not be moving forward without them.

6 thoughts on “Trails… Eventually

  1. 2010?!? We’ll be old! That’ll be hard to wait for.

    Although a shady character, I might contact The Outlaw Josie Trails. Another option is to buy Keith and Josh a couple shovels and a 12 pack…

  2. Jeff- It’s now or never. So I’ll just plod along with the process and continue working on a plan that utilizes Carson City land.

    Keith & Josh already have tools. And I hear that Keith’s wife Lynn would like him to work off the 12 pack.

    Rob R.- Yes. I was hoping someone would get that reference.

  3. Given the Brazil reference, we are now officially “twin sons of different mothers”! That is one of my top 5 favorite films of all time. And a great commentary on the dangers of bureaucracy. One cannot watch it without recognizing the parallels in the humor and horror that is Central Services.
    Sorry; took off on a tangent there.
    You are at least seeing a verbal commitment by government to build and support trails in NV. Half the battle is just getting the “powers that be” to come to table.
    Keep up the good fight and you will see results.

  4. That was Jeff P’s Brazil Film Reference. He has way too much hair to be your twin. My film reference would be more like, “Hey Beavis, Pull my Finger!”

    Multiple Contributors here at Bike CC remember…

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