Contributions Wanted!

Part of the original intent of this blog was to share what’s going on throughout the Carson City cycling community. So far, it’s been mostly about what I’ve been doing.

I’d like to remind the Carson City readers that I’d love to have you contribute! Some ideas:

  • Your cycling stories and news.
  • Cycling Pictures – Show us you and your bike. Or just your bike. Photo credit and description would be appreciated.
  • Bike Shop Owners – What’s new at the shop? New products, specials, sales, etc.
  • Interviews. One on One Q&A with Carson cycling personalities.

If you’d like to submit something, just get in touch with me by using the CONTACT page. I hope to hear from you!


12 thoughts on “Contributions Wanted!

  1. I said MOSTLY about what I’ve been doing. I very appreciate his contributions. I’m not saying he doesn’t need belittling, only that I appreciate his help with this blog!

  2. i’d just like to say i rode the ash canyon system yesterday and it was great. especially the creek. that’s my contribution for the week. that, and shekels.

  3. What about us Galena, South Reno people who live vicariously through your exploits? Can’t associate with DHReno as they are shuttle and race fiens. Poedunk does amazing work on Peavine.

    But there aren’t people consistantly posting about a “commuity” that we Southies can relate to.

    Plus I’m infinitely jealous that you moved into town and in an area nice enough to ride to work..

    So, I’ll take some shots of White’s Creek, Thomas Creek trails (if they thaw out.) and we’ll see about posting.

  4. Wish I had the time and patience… The only place I really have any time is at work and I don’t sit in front of a computer. I sit with a saw, a welder, and a robotic welder. Maybe I can do some writing on my PDA and transfer it when I get home. I’ll take my cam and get some shots of the trails I’ve built in Dayton at least.

  5. South Reno is fine. We get up there to ride sometimes too. Yes, moving back to Carson was a good move. We sometimes call it Life 3.0 around the house… A completely new version and release!

    And the Dayton trails would be great too.

    Blog posts shouldn’t be too long anyhow. My posts are usually on the edge of being too long. A picture and a short description are sometimes the best posts. And most of the time you get a lot of extra content from the comments! Comments and interaction are what make blogging interesting and fun.

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