Winter Storm

TracksA winter storm moved through the area yesterday morning, decreasing visibility on the commute as the wind driven snow stuck to my glasses. I was still plenty warm in spite of the weather though!  A water resistant wind breaker and a neck gaiter kept me dry and kept the bitter cold wind out.

As I rode up the bike path at Mills Park, I was approaching a man in my lane. So I changed lanes. And then so did he. I changed lanes again, but then once again he did too. As I got closer I realized the guy was pretty drunk, and he looked homeless. It’s one thing to make a choice to go out in this weather, but to be forced out in it is pretty rough. Hopefully he had some place warm to go.

By lunch time the storm had ended and the sun was out. The landscape was just stunning! It was still cold, and the foothills only received a couple inches of powder snow. These are ideal conditions for snow biking! Shallow, cold powder offers plenty of traction, and you can almost ride full speed through it as long as you have some decent knobbies.

GregJon has been bringing his friend Greg along, and I believe this was Greg’s introduction to snow biking. He rode in the rain with us last week, and he even thought that was pretty fun.

After climbing up the hill, we had a nice long descent down the north ridge above Vicee Canyon. The snow deadened the sounds around us, and our tires made a pleasant crunching sound as we flew down the hill. Once at the bottom, Greg exclaimed how cool it was to live in Carson City. I’d have to agree!

5 thoughts on “Winter Storm

  1. that snow looks awesome. i’m enjoying all your snow pics lately.

    that was probably the same storm we had just a bit earlier. it tapered off in the morning for us.

  2. I wish it was lovely here in the snow. Just doom and gloom and slop right now. Enjoy your sunshine and hobos and say hi to Jethro for me!

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