Friday Riding

Line of StumpjumpersFriday morning I was roused out of bed at 4:30 AM because of a problem at work. Since I was already up, and the problem was taken care of, I decided to just go into work early. What the heck…I’m late every day, let’s try something new!

The marquee at Mills Park said 12 degrees! I believed it, and was glad to have made the decision to wear my fleece vest under my windbreaker. I can always tell when the temperature drops down to the teens, because the moisture on my beard freezes instantly. I thought I was pretty tough, but of course you always see someone tougher than you. Or maybe just stupider. I saw some high school kids walking to school in summer gear. Fashion before function when you’re that age I guess!

KristyAt lunch I hooked up with Kristy, Amy, Sandie, and Brent for some snow riding in Ash Canyon. Once again the temperatures were in the low 30’s, and it kept the mud frozen and the snow crisp. For the most part anyhow; there were a few mushy parts that sapped your strength on the climb. A few trucks had been there before us, and they packed the snow down into nice little singletracks.

Brent and SandieTraction in the snow was quite nice, even on the steepest climbs. On one particularly steep climb, I had to use a different climbing technique. There is a lot of torque going to the back wheel on the 32:16 singlespeed gearing which causes wheel slippage if you’re not careful. With each pedal stroke, I leaned back a bit and pulled back on the bars, causing the back tire to dig a bit deeper into the snowy hill. It was one of those hills where you get to the top and you can’t believe you made it up!

Ash CanyonAfter my commute home on Friday, I was completely done wearing tight lycra and microfleece for the week. I declared a loose fitting cotton weekend, and didn’t touch my bike once. I rejuvenated my spirits with winter brews and let my body heal.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas filled with friends, family, and plenty of bicycle bling!

3 thoughts on “Friday Riding

  1. Even in the low 30’s it looks like a great way to spend a Friday lunch hour!
    Hope you and yours has a wonderful Happy Christmas! :^)

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