Winter Road Ride

Sunday, Amy and I decided to take a twenty mile spin around Carson on our road tandem. With the unseasonably warm temps pushing mid 50’s, hopping on the road bike Longbikesounded better than slogging through mud on our mountain bikes.

With no specific ride plan in mind, we pedaled north towards our usual route, but at the last second I decided to take a right turn at Oak Ridge Drive. Our change of direction brought us a pleasant surprise when we noticed Oak Ridge Drive is now a through street, connecting with West College Parkway. This new connector provides Carson City’s west side residents with a bicycle friendly side street to Starbucks, Eagle Fitness and Save Mart. We stopped at the new John Mankins Park, which Jeff M wrote about a few weeks ago. We then headed off to the Carson City Freeway Multi-Use Path.Bike Path 1

Convincing N-Dot to build this path was one of the first achievements for Muscle Powered. This was our first time to ride the entire path, and we were impressed. The path starts one quarter mile east of North Carson Street, at the intersection of Silver Oak Dr and Imperial Way. It crosses Northgate Lane and N. Roop St., and ends after one mile at the Wal Mart shopping complex on East College Pky. bike path 3After crossing E. College Pkwy we continued east, until we hooked up with the next, and best, section of the multi-use path. About two miles in length, we cruised this uninterrupted section at 27 mph. I contribute our speed to either the slight downhill grade or Amy’s awesome power. Tandems are like VW bugs; the motor is in the rear.

Unfortunately, the path ends where the freeway ends. I look forward to when both the freeway and bike path are completed in 2010. As for now, the bike path does exactly what it should. It connects neighborhoods to shopping centers, and provides a car free route for cyclists and pedestrians to accomplish their shopping needs.

Phil’s house, which is on Carson River Rd., was to be our next stop. We meandered on quiet side streets, working our way towards Deer Run Rd. Within the first mile on Deer Run we came upon three ladies who were off to the side of the road repairing a flat tire. We stopped and asked if they needed assistance. They said they had everything under control, and we then learned they were Muscle Powered members; Kelly, Theresa, and Vicky, out for a spin in the unusually temperate winter day. Two of the ladies were riding their new Christmas bikes for the first time when a flat tire temporarily stopped the paceline.
We said goodbye and off we went to Phil’s house. He wasn’t home, so we rode on and followed our usual route to East Fifth St., Hells Bells Rd (Amy waved to her horse,Flicka, stabled at River Bottom Ranch), the roundabout, Fairview Dr., and finally home.

This was what I consider a perfect winter ride, warm weather and easy spinning (Amy was doing the hard work).

Break the law in Nevada and awake every morning with this beautiful view.

4 thoughts on “Winter Road Ride

  1. Hey, what happened to all that snow we sent you guys?

    I love convincing government to build trails, roads and of other stuff related to cycling. It looks like a sweet ride.

  2. I’ve ridden the new bike path from HWY 50 to College Parkway, but haven’t explored any further north than that. I plan to soon though.

    The rain (and snow) shadow squeezed almost all of the precipitation out of the clouds before it reached us. So now it’s just really cold! Send more. We’ll try again!

  3. And what a fast motor it is! I usually spend the whole ride trying to catch it.

    I want to check out the bike path along the freeway also. As soon as it warms up a bit, that is. Charlie and I could ride that route to get to his school.

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