From my friend in Berkeley: Full story HERE

When my daughter happened to pull off her helmet and toss it into the street, he actually stopped, backed up, turned his wheels toward it and deliberately ran over the helmet.

Should bicyclists be licensed to ride? Seattle discusses licensing cyclists. This story was highly discussed yesterday. Full story and commentary HERE.

UrbanVelo discusses the book Traffic Life HERE
. There is a link to order the book, read more reviews, or even read the book online!

Traffic Life is a collection of short stories, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, sculpture, photography and even a jazz score—all from an anti-car perspective. Contributors include cycling cartoonists Andy Singer, Ken Avidor and Neal Skorpen, as well as a host of writers including science fiction magnate Ray Bradbury.

BIKESAFE – Barbara from Muscle Powered sent THIS LINK around yesterday.

The Bicycle Countermeasure Selection System (BIKESAFE) is intended to provide practitioners with the latest information available for improving the safety and mobility of those who bicycle.

5 thoughts on “News

  1. Amazingly sad development for Smudge, but glad that there were no injuries involved.
    I have to say that I might be in favor of the bike licensing thing. Now, if only there was a similar way to qualify drivers of automobiles . . . . :^)

  2. I would not want to license all the bikes in my garage, that’s for sure!

    We need to keep Big Brother out of the bike shop in my opinion. Bicycle licenses would erode the true freedom that cycling allows us. And requiring children to register…that’s just silly! Requiring a bicycle license at a large University sounds like an acceptable idea, but for general use…No. What would be next, a shoe tax for walking? Healthy living and clean transportation need to be encouraged for the benefit of all!

  3. No, you just bumped your head!

    Actually yes. WordPress has a temporary snow option that I enabled. Figured it might as well snow somewhere around here!

  4. I don’t think a “operators licence” for a cyclist that involves some education about safe riding is a bad idea at all. There are some serious morons out there on bikes. I see it all the time in Texas. People blowing through lights and stop signs and riding on the wrong side of the road, etc. I am not in favor of a fee for such a license since most cyclist also drive and have already been taxed for those fees.

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