Last Lunch Ride of the Year

WinnerWe had winner of a ride on Friday, the last lunch ride of the year. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for snow riding. The temperatures were just below freezing, and the light fluffy snow was falling. I met up with Jeff P and Jon, and we headed for Ash Canyon.

After Thursday’s icy boondoggle, it was wonderful to ride in such wonderful snow. The ground was frozen, and the snow was just the right depth to offer incredible traction. We rolled up the hill with less effort than in the summer sand!


Mountain Men

Mountain Men


Jeff PJeff P led us to the trailhead of a brand new, not yet named trail. The trailhead is near the entrance to the creek trail, but on the uphill side. The singletrack follows the contour of the mountain, and takes you all the way down to the rocked switchback on the Baldy Green trail. The grade is gentle enough to be enjoyed in either direction, and will be a great connector from the lower trails and the creek trail. Also, being on the south side of the mountain, it will be a great winter trail. And being up past the timberline, you get a great mountain experience. There are some nice trees, steep hillsides, and no view of the city!


New Secret Trail
New Secret Trail


Baldy Green TrailOnce we hit the Baldy Green trail, it was on! The snow was providing excellent traction, and you could ride at almost full speed down the twisty singletrack. I railed the twisties on the Jackrabbit Trail faster than I have ever ridden them. It’s great to be able to ride these trails every season, as each season brings different trail conditions, challenges, and feel to the trails.

6 thoughts on “Last Lunch Ride of the Year

  1. Winter riding is soo cool! I can ride through the hay fields around my home, nice and frozen ground, hard as pavements. In the spring/fall, it’s like riding on a wet sponge…lots of effort. Summer growing season is off limits.

    Love the pics…as usual!

    Google Cache: Thanks for telling the hounddogs about that one! HA!!!

  2. Nice way to bring the year to a close. Wish I could say I rode into the new year, but I did get a chance today to ski into 2008!
    Good looking trail and pictures.

    P.S. Thanks for the holiday card!

  3. Nothing wrong with going for an xc ski! In fact, we plan to get out today ourselves…first time in 7 years! Pictures and post to follow!

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