Calm Before the Storm

Water TowersWe have a big storm on the way, but today’s weather was incredible. At least the first half of the day was anyway…

The commute started out at 18 degrees, but by lunch it had warmed up to an amazing 50 degrees! None of us were expecting these temperatures, so we were slightly overdressed. We had a few stops along the climb to take off some of the excess clothing.

IMG_0985Since we’re due for a lot of snow this weekend, we figured we should do one of the upper trails while it’s open. We picked the new, not yet named trail that connects with the Baldy Green trail. Everyone raved about the new trail, and it was so nice to have such a long singletrack descent back to the bike path. You couldn’t ask for more fun in a lunch hour!

Just as we were finishing up, the winds started picking up, and the clouds rolled in. We made it back to work just in time before it got really nasty out!

5 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Hey, are those water tanks in the distance or are you Carson City folks storing up gasoline? Is that why the price went up so high? :^)
    Well, lucky you with the 50’s temps. Nice that you could get out and enjoy it too. We are scheduled for 50’s next week too, but along with rain.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. If the rain here is any indication, you’d better break out the snowmobile. I’ve got water coming in the downstairs living area, and it doesn’t look like that’s happened for a long, long time.

  3. It’s dumping rain right now! The storm drains are at full capacity. Lunch riders opted for an indoor buffet lunch instead today. I’m hoping it turns to snow soon.

    I don’t have a whole lot of pictures of the new trail, but here are a couple more:



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