Saturday's Snowy Commute

Today I had the opportunity to ride my snow bike, a 1987 Raleigh Seneca. I call it the snow bike because I mounted studded tires on the wheels and I only ride it wh1.jpgen there is enough of the fluffy stuff to warrant using it. I was given this bike from a customer of mine who was about to throw it into the dumpster. I wanted it for only one reason; it had a set of Suntour roller-cam brakes that I needed for another bike project. Once I had the brakes in my possession, the rest of the bike was going to the recycler.

The bike was ugly and I didn’t think there was another usable part on it. Someone had painted the bike puke green. Even the headset bearings and races had green paint on them. But as I started removing the brakes I noticed something unique on the frame. On the chainstay, where you would normally find a chainstay guard, there was a place to hold three spare spokes.4.jpg I didn’t think this frame was worth anything, but I did like the uniqueness of the spoke-holder. After researching on the Internet I came to the conclusion the frame was a 1987 Raleigh. I decided it was a keeper.

I installed my old two piece Bullseye cranks, built up a pair of wheels with old Bullseye hubs, and had it powder coated. And because I have a bike for every occasion except snow, it became the snow bike.

I was excited when I awoke this morning to about six inches…..of snow. Since it was Saturday, it made the commute even better. I leave for work at 6am and on the weekend there is hardly any traffic. I rode past the Governor’s Mansion and waved to Jim & Dawn. They were probably still asleep (I didn’t really think it was them shoveling the mansion’s driveway). The commute was quiet and peaceful and I was able to pedal to work without crashing.3.jpg

The commute home was similar, but I had to be extra cautious. The snow, ice, slush, and uneven transitions made it a little more difficult to stay upright. It was nice to finally have a good snowstorm
to ride in during my daily commute.

5 thoughts on “Saturday's Snowy Commute

  1. When I dismounted my bike to take the photo, I stumbled a bit and had a little trouble regaining my balance. The Governor, not missing the opportunity to be a good Samaritan, rushed over, placed his right hand on my hand, placed his left hand on my butt, and asked if I needed any assistance remounting…. my… uh… bicycle. I politely turned down his offer and said, “I don’t think you need another scandal”. At this point his wife, standing at the front door in her robe and slippers, yelled at him to leave the cross-dressing Postman alone and to, “get his lazy ass back inside the mansion and finish scrubbing the tile”.

    I guess it’s kind of like being tackled.

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