Ice Commute

Short CutI’ve always considered January to be Hell Month for cycling. January has the hardest obstacles to overcome, and you have to push yourself to go out into the cold or you won’t ride. It’s too tempting to stay in where it’s warm!

After a weekend of snow storms, the Monday commute was nasty! Compacted snow from weekend drivers had turned into lumpy ice, the enemy of non-studded bike tires. Thankfully they had plowed the bike path along Mills Park at some point in the day, so the ride home was much easier. It wasn’t plowed in the morning, so I rode into the East entrance of the park. It became unrideable in the deep snow, so I hoofed it back to Saliman Road for an alternate route up Robinson Street. There were some scary moments for sure, but it was a good time in the end.

The picture here is the shortcut I take every morning. It must have been a sledding hill this weekend, because it was packed down hard and smooth. It was fun riding down it!

CLICK HERE to continue reading about my ice ride over on Commute by Bike.

9 thoughts on “Ice Commute

  1. “He stared down at Who-ville!
    The Grinch popped his eyes!
    Then he shook!
    What he saw was a shocking surprise!

    Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,
    Was singing! Without any presents at all!
    He HADN’T stopped Christmas from coming!
    IT CAME!
    Somehow or other, it came just the same!”

    Your picture made me think of that. Weird huh?

    Anyway, glad to see winter is back in Carson City! :^)

  2. Sweet, another reason to buy bike stuff! Studded tires would be fun to try out, and the guys in MN all seem to like them. It started raining here this morning, so more snow appears to be on the way. Don’t waste it.

  3. Funny, there is a little neighborhood near here that we call Who-ville. It has small, tightly packed houses. It almost looks like a video game city.

    Researching studded tires now…

    Hope we get some more snow to cover the ice!

  4. Jeff… we can make studded tires easily. You have a garage full of useable tires for this job. We’ll take photos and you can post it on Blue Collar.

  5. Thankfully I’m not very far from work. Seems like you can do anything for 2 1/2 miles! Plus, I don’t want to ruin my record this early in the year! And there would be the ridicule from Jeff P. That I can not take.

    Looks like we have a heat wave headed towards us in the next few days. Temps in the 40’s. If I made or ordered snow tires now, I wonder if I’d get to use them!

  6. Jeff, you will not receive any ridicule from the only other fool who dares to ride in this crap. Other than D.U.I. cyclists, of course.

  7. I think you should still go for it and make your own studded tires. A manly man needs a reason to putter in the garage and drink beer.

    Right now I’m working on adding a bike rack to my Xtracycle so I can bring my bike home with me from work tomorrow. I decided to leave it there and take the train/bus just to be safe (the aforementioned stormy weather.)

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