6 thoughts on “News

  1. Those cabela’s covers equal ugly faceplant for me. Your bullwinkle’s with the shorter sleeve look much safer.

  2. I tried the bullwinkles with my summer gloves tonight. Before I stuck my hands in, I could feel them getting cold quick. The summer gloves slipped easily in and out, and kept my hands warm all the way home! But yeah, those Cabela’s covers are pretty robust!

  3. Remember what the truck looks like. Go to the local high school and find it in the parking lot. Wait until school is out and beat the living fu$% out of them. That is my advice.

  4. …or inject a few mLs of an ethanol solution of cadavarene or putracene thru the window. it’d take a thousand pine tree air-fresheners to cover that.

  5. Funny. Over at Commute by Bike there is a much more Turn the Other Cheek discussion going on, while there is more of a Vigilante theme going on over here. It’s still the Wild West in Carson I guess.

    Xd – I’m not sure what those compounds are exactly, but I’m guessing they’re not found at my corner drug store!

  6. I’m spiteful and say to hit them where it hurts. Find the truck at the school and complain to the admin about the driver. Losing the privilege to drive to school would be a bummer. A call home to the parents would suck too.

    Failing that, a pebble under the valve-stem cap makes for a slow leak. Just one = a cold and difficult tire change unless the greasers in autoshop can wheel out a compressor.

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