Muscle Powered Annual Meeting – Reminder

Today’s commute took me through Hades. I stopped at the Lava Pools near the River Phlegethon, and was surprised to see that Muscle Powered has a rack there!

A day at the Volcano

But seriously…

I just wanted to remind people of the Muscle Powered meeting to be held this Sunday at 9:00 AM. Details are HERE. There will be a potluck brunch, so bring whatever you feel like sharing.

Since the meeting will be discussing sustainability related issues, it makes sense that we practice what we preach. Sunday is shaping up to be a nice day, so please make an effort to bike or walk to the meeting! Also, if people brought their own reusable plates and eating utensils, we’d have a lot less waste when we’re done.

I hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Muscle Powered Annual Meeting – Reminder

  1. No but I did talk with Aphrodite while visiting the Lava Pools. She got to asking about you, and I tried to cover for you the best I could. Told her you’ve been real busy and what not. I think you really need to call her and resolve things!

  2. I knew Carson City was too good to be true. Beautiful mountains, sweet trails and those big tanks of gasoline in the hills.
    You are living in Hell, aren’t you? Are you the devil’s son? :^)
    By the way, one of the local dj’s here in town used to be in a band called Phlegethon. Not sure why I told you that, but just in case it ever comes up in a Trivial Pursuit game, the guys name is Aris Hampers. Really; I am not kidding!
    Hope your having a great weekend.

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