Muscle Powered Annual Meeting – Report

Today was the Muscle Powered Annual Meeting, and the Cycling Carson City staff was there to attend. My family braved the below freezing temperatures and rode our bikes to the meeting, and since Jeff P is still on his crutches from a bicycle accident last week, he chose to drive. Apparently it’s difficult to ride a bike with a contusion and crutches…who knew?

We met the other meeting attendees at the historic Wungnema House, where we started off with a delicious potluck breakfast. When the business portion of the meeting started, we elected 2008 MP officers, reviewed 2007 accomplishments, and started planning for 2008 projects.

Jeff P and I decided to jump in head first this year, and become more involved with Muscle Powered. I was elected a 2008 board member, and Jeff P will be a board advisor for trails, something he knows a lot about!

It was great to hear all that was done in 2007. Many times we take our basic bicycling infrastructure for granted. We imagine that city planners and state transportation provide us with the bike paths, bike lanes, bike racks, etc. But the truth is, you wouldn’t be seeing most of it without the hard work of bicycle advocacy groups like Muscle Powered working behind the scenes. I’ve been learning that most of the time, bicycles are not mentioned or even thought of in the original planning stages. It takes cyclists banding together, and shouting out collectively, “Don’t forget us!”

I’ll share some of the exciting new projects for 2008 soon. Stay tuned!

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