Making it Through January

You may have noticed the lack of lunch riding photos lately. That’s because there hasn’t been much lunch riding! With all the trails under the snow, and all the roads icy, we’ve been finding other ways to entertain ourselves at lunch. A few of the lunch time riders got together last week, and explored our mountain bike trails on snow shoes!

Marcus and SandieOriginally uploaded by brentnsandie

Yesterday was my first lunch day back on the hills. I had been putting around town at lunch, but not really getting my heart rate up. We had a freezing fog yesterday that created some beautiful landscapes up in the mountains!


As pretty as it was, most of the trails aren’t rideable. Crusty, bumpy snow covers the lower trails, making them no fun to ride; however, we’re due for some warmer weather this week, and I think we’ll have a few trails to ride soon. Provided the freezing fog goes away. Until then, it looks like road riding might be a good option!

8 thoughts on “Making it Through January

  1. I believe the Snow Shoeing picture was taken above the Timberline neighborhood, and the 2nd picture was taken at the top of the Lakeview climb…Combs Canyon Road.

  2. Thanks, Lauren. Same camera I’ve had for a few years now. The Canon PowerShot SD100, 3.2 Megapixel.

    The difference is the editing software. I used to just use raw images. Now I play with them a bit.

    Check out Picnik. It’s a free web based image editor. And as a bonus for Flickr Users, it has some great integration with Flickr. You can save your images directly to Flickr when you’re done, and even touch up photos that are already on Flickr. Word of caution though…I touched up some old photos and broke some links on the old FBC blog…

    Anyway, there are some basic fix-it tools on Picnik, and some cool effects. There’s also a premium feature for a reasonable fee that unlocks even more features.

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