West Side Road Riding

The mountain bike trails on the west side are horrible right now as the snow is melting. It’s a combo of greasy mud and snow. The road biking is great though if you can stand the wind chill!


Kristy and I toured the west side, hitting Kings Canyon, Combs Canyon, and the roads in between. The mostly dry roads make a fun alternative to the awful trails.

Word of caution though… Watch out for ice in the shade! We were caught off guard by a few patches yesterday, so steer around the shady sections when in doubt.

Photo note:  Kristy tried hard not to smile for Brian (aka oldmanandhisbike, aka BG Phone Home), who accused her of smiling too much.

6 thoughts on “West Side Road Riding

  1. Riding in January can be tough. Even for the seasoned cyclist. Thankfully January is half over!

    The key to comfort though is a thin layer of insulation (as not to overheat), and a outer layer of windstopper. Adjusting the zipper on your wind breaker helps control your body temperature.

  2. Nice try, but I know your “thinking” about smiling Kristy! :^)
    I am sorry to be such a pest about this but the “girl” is just too happy.
    Must be the company she keeps, right Jeff?
    Road riding this time a year is always dicey and you mentioned one of the sneaky things that can ruin your day.
    Keep pedaling!

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