Commute Report

Bicycle commuting has been going really well. In fact, I haven’t even been in a car for about a week now. The last time I went car free this long was probably 1984, back before I had my driver’s license and walked or rode my bike to school.

The roads have dried out, so I rode in my work clothes this week without fear of getting dirty. This has saved me time in the morning, lightened the load in my pack, and has kept me from changing so many times each day.

I met my friend Bob for lunch today. He just started bike commuting again, and even bought a new commuter bike to do it with. He’s committed. He actually lives in Reno, but he takes the bus to north Carson City, and then rides his bike to South end of town. We rode over to a restaurant (Ming’s), but then couldn’t find a decent place to lock our bikes! We ended up locking the bikes together next to a railing across the parking lot. Luckily we could see the bikes good from the window while we ate.

The idea has crossed my mind before, but today really got me thinking about it. I’d like to compile a list of bicycle friendly businesses, and post them here on the blog. I know there are some bicycle racks at some of the grocery stores, but what about restaurants? If anyone has some good suggestions, please let me know!

11 thoughts on “Commute Report

  1. How about bicycle friendly employers? Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has inside/outside bike parking (some of the inside parking is secure), and two shower/changing rooms.

    Comma Coffee for bike friendly businesses.

    Bob and I rode to work together the other day and the bikes were three deep at the 5th and 395 intersection!

  2. Carson City Lowes sucks. No bike rack and they would not let me set my bike in the big entry way. This just adds to along list of places I have been ask to leave. I thought that being an adult in todays world it would be easier to go places with my bike,wrong.At my shop bring your bike in,bring your bike and your dog in,bring your bike and your cat in,no lie I have a customer that rides with a cat.Its all cool.

  3. Maybe we need a blacklist too!

    This is another reason I like small businesses. The corporate giants have no heart or soul. There is no logic, discretion, or leeway. Just yes or no. And when in doubt, No.

  4. Good for you! If more people would suck it up and just choose to live in smaller homes biking distance from work, Al Gore wouldn’t have anything else to talk about.

    There is a cool commuting calculator on a Georgia real estate site that shows people how those cheaper homes in the burbs aren’t even saving any money by the time you factor in commuting expenses. (Calculator is at the bottom of the page)

  5. Thanks for the comment, Judy. I actually found a less expensive, but nicer home close to work. I used to live out in the burbs where commuting by bike wasn’t practical for me.

    Unfortunately there’s not enough room for everyone in the burbs to live in town. This is why we need to change our zoning laws and have a better mix of commercial and residential. Get back to the old days of the corner stores and stuff, instead of driving to the outskirts of town to buy a few things. Additionally, it’s probably easier to move some jobs to where the people are instead of the other way around.

  6. The design and placement of buildings has a lot to do with it too. When we’re installing bike racks in our bike rack program we find that often there is no place to put a rack in front of a business. We need City standards that require, if not racks, at least sufficient space to install them later. and in places that are visible and hence where bikes will be safer – not in the back of the building.

  7. Sattellite, Reno
    Ceol, Reno
    Great Basin Brewery, Reno
    Silver Peak, Reno
    Cinemark Theater, Reno
    Bibo, Reno
    Waldens, Reno
    Moxie Java, Reno
    Imperial, Reno
    Salon7, Reno

    And Twelve Horses, where I work, has indoor, heated bike parking. It’s a vacant office, but sometimes we have four bikes in the lobby.


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