Trail Report

This just in…

The west side trails officially suck right now. There are some patches of dirt to ride on, but there are icy snow banks crossing the trail everywhere. It can be hard to stay on the trail at times, since the snow is not rideable everywhere. This forces you to take alternative lines, which is a bad idea. We’d like to keep the singletrack single. It’d probably be a good idea to stay off the trails until they’ve had a chance to melt a bit further.


There are several new gullies that have formed since the last big rain. Some of them are clearly visible, and others are hidden under the snow. Scott was walking in one inch of snow, and then all of a sudden he sunk in up past his knee! I’m glad he wasn’t riding at the time! Keep an eye out for these new gullies or you’ll find yourself flying over the bars.

Ice Hill

As you can see from the pictures, all the northern exposures are covered in snow. This makes for some fun challenges as Scott demonstrates above, but also ruins trails like Jackrabbit pictured below. This trail swoops back and forth through this little canyon; however, there was no swooping today.

Jackrabbit Trail

I think tomorrow will be another road bike day!

7 thoughts on “Trail Report

  1. “We’d like to keep the singletrack single. It’d probably be a good idea to stay off the trails until they’ve had a chance to melt a bit further.”

    Excellent advice Jeff!

  2. Could this is a good time to just stay inside and Halo III or maybe watch Oprah?
    Or if you need some exercise, try a rousing game of “dance, dance, revolution”! :^)

  3. Second the Halo 3! And also, I’ve been sick for a week, so that’s keeping me inside as well…
    CapnPajamaShark is my gamertag, I challenge all comers!



  4. I’ve found from prior experience that we will have to give things about 2 weeks to dry out. In the meantime, road riding is pretty good. The cold is enough by itself to keep anyone off the bike. I’m trying to get back on- and it is Tough! Talk about feeling guilty…

  5. Possible bridge.

    I have two very heavy duty pallets that some equipment was delivered on looking for a good home. They are both in the 25 foot length range and 3 foot wide. Very heavy made out of 2×4’s across and 4×4’s length wise. They are going to be cut up into firewood unless someone has a better use for them. Possibly as a creek or ravine crossing if someone can store them until the snow melts.

    I can deliver them if needed.

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