Get Out and Ride!

I followed everyone’s advice, including my own, and took the road bike out yesterday afternoon. It was actually quite comfortable.


It looks like today is shaping up to be another decent day for riding. Don’t procrastinate though, as it looks like it’s going to get cold for about a week.

How many more days until January is over? Sigh…

4 thoughts on “Get Out and Ride!

  1. I was sick all last week, so no riding for me. And I have a bunch of new clothes to try out too!
    This week I’m back at it hopefully. Where do you guys go on your lunch road rides?

  2. I had planned to ride on Saturday, but decided to rest instead. I went XC Skiing today up at Donner.

    Typically, the road rides go up Kings Canyon or Combs Canyon towards Lakeview. There are some good loops up in Lakeview that provide a fair amount of climbing and descending for a lunch time ride.

  3. Cool, so not too far from my place of biz, which is over behind the airport.

    I haven’t been XC skiing in forever, I keep meaning to get some skis, but haven’t gotten around to it yet…slacker.

  4. Way to get out there and ride! Sometimes it just seems to be more fun out there in the ‘challenging’ conditions. Though I tend to try to do the majority of my winter rides in the woods.

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