Lunch Rides

We continue to get a daily dose of snow here in Carson City. Every day it snows, and every day it melts. Just a constant cycle of snow, slush, and ice. I had hopes of road biking through January while the trails are under snow, but unfortunately I’ve gotten very little time in on my road bike due to the conditions.

Looking towards Kings Canyon

This January has been a stark contrast to last January. I checked the FBC Archives, and we had very little snow last year! It was definitetly cold last year, but it appears we rode the trails and road for most of the month. On the bright side, we will most likely have a much more normal water year. Last year’s early spring and pathetic snow pack seemed to throw off the whole ecosystem around here.

Commute Report

Last Friday I got a Big Gulp thrown at me on my way home. At least I think so. It took my brain a few moments to analyze the sounds and events. First there was the splashing sound of an oversized paper cup hitting the ground behind me, followed by a green pickup truck speeding off in front of me. I was in too good of mood to let it even bother me; however, do these people think that I will never see them again?

Snowy Bike Path

But why to people throw stuff at cyclists anyhow? I consulted uber hipster Mike Henderson of Reno. He suggested that it’s because I look like a bum. I must admit that I’m looking somewhat feral with six months of beard growth, but still…would a bum be pedaling around with a Chrome Messenger Bag and a Nite Rider headlight? I think not! Personally, I think hanging out with former first daughters has been going to Mike’s head. Mike recently rode his bike in slacks and a sport coat to a meeting with Chelsea Clinton. Still, maybe there is something to learn from Mike’s example.

But seriously…this incident got me thinking. I can’t think of any other group of people in town that get harassed like cyclists do. I surely wouldn’t have gotten something thrown at me for walking down the street, certainly not for driving. There is something about riding a bicycle that seems to set some people off. This is a topic worth exploring in the future.

On a good note… It is noticeably brighter outside at 5:00 PM! The days are getting longer, and soon I won’t need a light to find my way home. There is hope for springtime.

New Local Blogs

I’d like to call your attention to two new cycling related blogs.

Muscle Powered – One of my first tasks as the Muscle Powered publicity guy was to get a blog up and running for better communications. At first you will probably see some overlap between the MP blog and Cycling Carson City, but soon there will be some other authors on there too, focusing on local advocacy issues for a more walkable and bikeable Carson City. The MP blog will also help coordinate the many MP walks, rides, and events to be held this year.

Nevada Bike Coalition – Next up is the Nevada Bike Coalition blog. Their mission is to “make Nevada a Bicycle Friendly State”. It looks like this Coalition is just getting started, but they already have a few Reno cycling clubs on board. This should be another interesting blog to follow. It’s great to see cyclists uniting for common causes, and there has been a lot of growth in this area in the last year.

8 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. “I can’t think of any other group of people in town that get harassed like cyclists do.”

    Cross dressers are a close second. Oops! TMI

  2. They still sell Big Gulps? I used to buy those while driving home from work in my non-air-conditioned car in Phoenix in 1981. I don’t want to say they need a new name to spruce up the product, but I think my last Big Gulp came in a “Cannonball Run” cup!

  3. “Big Gulp” is kind of generic for huge cup of soda I guess. I never looked back to see what it was. I’m not sure if they still sell those things…probably too small for today’s tastes. It’s probably doubled in size and has a new name to fit!

  4. sidi is supposed to roll out their “rosa klebb” style shoe in both mtb and road models this spring. you might consider a pair and then, should you happen upon Big Gulp in a parking lot, a couple of quick jabs will even things up.

  5. Man, you have gotten more than your fair share of abuse and it isn’t even February yet! Might want to lie low for awhile until the natives settle down.
    Speaking of this issue, there was an interview with Dave Zabriske (ex-CSC, US time trial champion, yellow jersey wearer) in Bicycling and he is starting a group called Yield to Life ( which is intended to bring safety to road cycling and commuting. He himself has been hit, once seriously while training on the roads in Utah (you have read the article; he really slams on folks in Utah!) and is trying to start this grass-roots organization to help get the word out. Check it out.

  6. Brian,

    I was going to mention that story too! Very cool that the pros are getting involved in the advocacy end of things!

    Jeff, I have the mag if you want to borrow it…

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