January Coming to a Close

My least favorite month to ride is January, and I’m thankful that the month is almost over. Riding in these conditions can be depressing, but yesterday I seemed to be ok with it. It was cold and windy, but the sun was out. The wind had sculpted the landscape into a wintery art show, so it was nice to just cruise around and enjoy the scenery.

Bike Path

We have some warmer temperatures headed our way next week. The roads should melt off quickly, and I think the road biking will be nice.

Last night the wind was howling, and it was snowing out. Some coworkers were shocked and concerned that I’d be riding home in the weather. I watched people squeeze their coats, and tuck their heads down while headed to their cars. I was dressed properly for the weather, so I was quite comfortable. I was probably warmer than many of the people sitting in their cars. If they only knew how much fun I was having!

Bike Path

There were lots of reports of accidents, and everyone seemed to be very concerned about driving home. I was so glad to be in town, and relieved that I didn’t have to get into a car and be in the mess.

4 thoughts on “January Coming to a Close

  1. I’m kind of there with you. I actually like the snow. It’s peaceful. That said, January 2007 was the most challenging month of my admittedly short cycling experience. I have been determined to kick January’s butt this year and have been successful so far with precisely zero bike-free commutes. I’ve even managed to get a one-way bike only trip (14+ miles) and a full round trip (28+ miles) this month. I’m going to come close to doubling my miles from last January this month. That said, I’m ready for spring.

  2. man, i love the winter and glad we’re sort of getting one for a change. it’s not super-conducive to biking, but nevertheless i wish we’d get buried.

  3. I’ll give you this one last day of snow, but then it’s really time to move on. I think we’ve had enough now. No need to be greedy.

    Time for green things. Evening bike rides with the family and friends. Swimming. Shorts. Bikinis. BBQ’s. Seeing people outside their homes….

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