Iron Mountain Trail

rocky-turn.jpgI drove out to Stagecoach today to check on the Iron Mountain Trail. I built this trail about seven years ago when we lived at Iron Mountain and I haven’t been back since we moved into Carson two years ago. Not many people know about the trail, so I thought it would be overgrown and hard to find. Jeff F. is the only person I know who occasionally rides out there, and that’s only a couple times a year, so I was pleasantly surprised the singletrack was still in good condition. The trail is covered in snow on the northern slopes, not unusual, but I can usually ride this year round, even when Carson is buried in snow.

amys-trail.jpgThough the trail is in good condition, it needs a hug. It needs to see more riders on it to compact the tread. The trail is 8 miles in length, and when mixed with doubletrack in the area it makes a 12 mile loop. Actually, there is so much doubletrack, you could easily ride 30-50 winter miles, and in mid to late spring you could increase that by 50-100 miles.

singletrack.jpgIf anyone is interested in riding a new trail, I’ll be leading a ride out there in a few weeks.

And if there are any Dayton or Stagecoach mountain bikers out there who would like to adopt a trail ( it only needs to be ridden, but there is potential for a lot more singletrack ) let me know and I’ll guide you.


Lyon County Parks & Recreation Scenic View Pointe

12 thoughts on “Iron Mountain Trail

  1. Be careful out there.

    A LE friend of mine says the area is well know for out of control 4×4’s, careless use of firearms, and meth.

  2. Count me in. On the riding part. Not the rootin tootin, out of control 4×4 faluhtin’, rifle pistol handgun shootin, crack pipe smokin’ part.

  3. Though my wife tells me I’m not packin’ much, I am out of control on two wheels, and except for a full set of teeth I kinda look like a meth addict.

    Lester, was your LE friend referring to Iron Mountain, or to Stagecoach in general.

    Except for the couch, I was surprised how clean the area was.

  4. I’d love to join you! Let me know when & where to meet- I’m a Dayton rider, just moved out here and would like to find some quiet places to ride. I’ve found that typically, most people out there are pretty reasonable. Hopefully, by the time you get something organized, I’ll be in shape for a longer, tougher ride!

  5. Love the couch picture; every trail should have a rest stop like that. Now, if only we could incorporate a snack bar and a refrig for the beer . . . .
    Looks like a great place to ride. But then again, doesn’t everywhere out there?

  6. jeffp, i have to give you kudos. not only did you build what looks to be a nice trail but to go so far as to bring a pink davenport out there is above and beyond the call of duty. chapeau!

  7. 6dogs:
    Thanks for the invite!
    Darn- I have to work. (What is with this work thing?!) Friday afternoons, and week ends are best for me. Where is the start of the trail? I know a little of the area. I hope to go for a casual ride this Saturday morning.

  8. Tres Chic! Just let me know where and when- whenever you’re ready. That will give me some time to get a little of my legs back. It’s hell getting old!

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