Road Swag

000_0114.jpgIn the recent issue of VeloNews, columnist Wayne K. Sheldrake writes about the various items ( road swag ) he has found along the highway while out riding his bike.

That got me to thinking of the treasures I’ve found during the many miles I’ve logged on Hwy. 50. One of the best scores was an Igloo 5 Gallon Sports Water Cooler, which has come in handy during 24hr races and while dry camping on the White Rim Trail and Gooseberry Mesa in southern Utah. Another great find was a Snap-on Ratcheting Screwdriver that I use often.

The VeloNews column inspired me to ask this question: What is the best road swag you have found?

12 thoughts on “Road Swag

  1. I’ve found bungee cords and small amounts of cash, but I think the all-time best was a Leatherman tool. I cleaned it up, and I still carry it in my truck.

    Last summer, I found a brand-new DVD copy of “Basic Instinct II,” still in the case without a scratch on it. I’m still waiting for a night when I’m really bored and in the mood for a cheesy movie.

  2. Bungee cords, wrenches, a watch, a mag light, a topeak multi tool, gloves, pocket knives…lots of stuff! Some of it is crap, but other things I use all the time.

    I’ve also noticed a large increase in writeable CD’s found along the roadside the past few years. Apparently when you get sick of your “fresh mix”, it goes out the window. Which might say a lot about today’s music!

  3. On a delightful afternoon ride, I found an unsealed 5 disc box set of the Starland Vocal Band’s Greatest Hits. Now we have an unsealed set of drink coasters.

  4. i’m afraid i wasn’t, but if you’re looking for a matched set, say for salt and pepper shakers, i’d let mine for half that.

  5. I found an intact but scratched lense for a pair of Oakley M Frame sunglasses on the side of the road this summer. Not sure if the owner dropped it while riding and was making such good time they decided not to go back or god forbid they were hit and that wasn’t noticed during the clean up.
    I also found remnants of a sandwich on my bike frame after a helpful motorist flung them out the window to/at me. I was actually quite hungry at the time so it came in handy! :^)

  6. brian, are you sure that wasn’t when you fell off near Bovey Tracey when the pump caught in your trouser leg and your sandwiches were badly crushed?

  7. Speaking of Basic Instinct, a few weeks ago I found an ice pick in the road – seemed like a rather unusual find. Other than that, mostly leather work gloves.

  8. Cash.

    My wife’s family has an annual “Found Money” competition and a bill on the road can quickly change the face of a tight race.

    I’m on the lookout for a lightweight all-in-one tool. Don’t ask me if your seat pack is zipped shut .

  9. Tools are my best finds. I found a 6″ crescent wrench with a rubber covered handle that I now carry in my tool kit for bikes that don’t have quick release wheels.

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