Getting Back in Shape

The west side road climbs have been pretty decent lately, so I’ve been trying to get more climbing in. At first I didn’t feel so good. I thought that maybe I was getting sick, so I took an early out of the climb. I hit it again the next day and felt the same way. It finally occurred to me that I’m out of shape!

Kings Canyon Ride

I’ve stayed active cycling throughout January, but really didn’t do a lot of climbing. Especially when compared to summertime when we have 800-1000 feet of climbing each day of the week on our lunch rides. Because of the constant snow storms, I’ve been mostly poking around the lower areas of the hills, riding where I can find traction.

Kings Canyon has been a good winter climb. The road is mostly in the sun, so it is pretty safe. After a couple days of doing this, I’m starting to get my wind back.  Fitness is not far off now…

With the abundant sunshine we had today, I think the roads should be good for skinny tires tomorrow. It’s road bike time!

9 thoughts on “Getting Back in Shape

  1. Yes we do. And if this morning is any indication of your weather, you are having a nice day! It was already warmer on my morning commute than it was at lunch yesterday.

  2. If you are out of shape, I’m am in big trouble when spring comes!
    The only climbing I get these days are the 4 flights of stairs in my house.
    Thanks for making me feel like a slacker! :^)

  3. Isn’t it great what the holidays and a January will do to a person??? I’m always wondering why I’m so slow in January. I admire your commitment to commuting. We’re working on being more bike friendly here in 417-land, but people aren’t that accepting yet. They’d rather run you over while eating a triple cheeseburger and watching a soap opera on their iPhone.

    Every day is one day closer to Spring thank goodness!

  4. You’d better watch out Brian, Kristy was already getting strong on the climb today. I had to tell jokes to get her to fumble a bit and break her pace.

    Mia…Thanks! I haven’t driven to work since the beginning of November! My advice to you is to explore alternative routes. I have a few available routes for my commute, and each one is a little different. These routes are also different depending what time of day it is. I can pick and choose depending on conditions. Unless your only choice is a freeway, there’s usually an acceptable choice.

    A lot of the roads that are horrible for cars, are actually pretty good on bikes. We’re not worried so much about stop signs and 25 mph zones.

  5. I got all inspired last weekend and got out for an hour and a half or so. Roads were still pretty slushy, and my bike is still somewhat mad at me about it, but it’ll get over it.
    Hoping the decent weather holds a bit more, until this weekend…

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