Here Comes the Sun

Warmer weather is creeping in. In fact, it was warmer on my morning commute than it was yesterday at lunch! The asphalt is mostly dry if you stick to the main roads, making it a perfect time for road bikes.

Kristy on Combs Canyon

Kristy rode over to meet me at work, and then we headed for Combs Canyon. It felt great to roll along so smoothly and swiftly after so many days of plodding along in the ice and snow. Fitness is returning, and the legs welcomed the resistance from the hills.

Combs Canyon

One cool thing about Carson City, and maybe even Nevada in general, is that you can be out of town rather quickly. One moment I was sitting in a cubicle in a basement, and then minutes later, I was riding up a beautiful snow filled canyon. I think the geography of the area helps limit some of the urban sprawl. Some of the country around here is just too rugged to build on.


Once we finished climbing Combs Canyon, we began the fast rolling descent into Washoe Valley. It was still a bit chilly, but not so cold that my beard froze and my eyes watered. Not today. It was actually pretty tolerable. The only mistake I made on my clothing choice, was that I left the booties back at work in protest of winter. Bad move. I had cold toes for a couple hours after I returned to work.

Kristy on Franktown Road

We rode out as far as the turnoff to Franktown Road, and then headed back the way we came. We had a bit of a tailwind coming back through Washoe Valley, making for a 21 mph pace across the flats. We raced back to Lakeview, and climbed back to the top of Combs Canyon. We didn’t open up the brakes all the way down like we do in the summer. We played it safe with our wet, sandy tires. There is still quite a bit of red sand on the roads from the snow plows. This made for some pretty cool red stripes on the seat of our pants!

Jeff - Franktown Road

Once back in town, Kristy and I parted ways. She headed home for a warm bath, and I headed for the shelter of my underground lair. As I walked back to my desk, I wondered if my coworkers could even begin to imagine how much fun I just had. Probably not…

14 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. Man, what a beautiful looking day for a ride. And out there in that sunshine pedaling with your wife? Did I ever tell you what a lucky guy you are? Not sure if I mentioned that. So there, cat’s out of the bag now.

  2. I’ve always wondered. How long is your lunch break? I get an hour (or so), and I would spend half of that changing clothes and cleaning up after a ride like you describe here.

  3. We get an hour (or so) too. I’ve got the changing drill down to just a few minutes. I’m a pro at standing on one leg in a bathroom stall.

    I know it looks like went really far if you look at these pictures, but Carson City is very small. It’s just a short ride from work to the outskirts of town. I think this ride was a 12-14 mile out and back.

    Another trick is to do a bit of cool down before getting back to work. The pace backs off a bit in the last mile, and it give our bodies a chance to cool down. It’s also mostly downhill on the way back. A quick face wash and wipe down, and I’m good to go!

    And Brian, yeah I know! I am frequently in awe of how lucky I am while riding!

  4. Jeff, I got out yesterday and today at lunch and it was beautiful! I work down in Minden and have a couple of ~17 mile lunch loops that have very little traffic. After a month of clouds and snow what a treat. I am blessed that work is very flexible about lunch plus we have a lockeroom and showers so my cubemates don’t hate me all afternoon.

  5. “I think the geography of the area helps limit some of the urban sprawl.” Come visit me and you’ realize that when there is population and demand, they’ll sprawl anywhere. Of course they always have that, “How in the world could this have happened?” type of thing going on when the house slides off the hill or an uphill tree looses its footing and comes crashing down on the house or car. Stilts? No thanks.

    You guys ought to get some SKS Raceblade fenders for days like this. They aren’t hard to set up, and they go on and come off in a few seconds. Lots less stuff ends up collecting on your bike and clothes.

    I was just outside and was quite comfortable with only a t-shirt. I’ll send you the warm weather as soon as I’m done with it. Might be awhile, though, I’m digging it…

  6. Kary – Glad to hear it! I lived down in Gardnerville for over a decade. I liked the backroads to the north, Buckeye, Orchard, Toler, Fish Springs, East Valley, etc. The farm roads to the south of 395 are pretty narrow though…Centerville, and Waterloo. The cars come scary close to you! You can feel the 3/4 ton pickup extendo mirrors brushing your left shoulder.

    Smudgemo, you better share some of your warm weather, or I’m going to have all this snow trucked down to you.

  7. Great pictures. You have it made with riding like that at lunch time. I spend my lunch rides dodging cars and trying to track stand at traffic lights.

  8. I’ve heard that line about Reno and Carson Cit being confined by geography. It’s BS. There isn’t anything here they haven’y already built on in SF. We gotta be careful.

    And you know what that grimy res stripe on yous ass is called right?


  9. It’s great to see the snow melting finally! I’ve been riding around the valley but keeping myself to the flats (i.e Jack’s Valley Road). Anyone know if Old Clear Creek is finally freed from the ice and snow?

    — Boris

  10. I don’t know the status of Clear Creek personally, but from what I’ve seen, is that everything in the shadows is very wet. Not necessarily icy or snowy, but still slippery from the melting snow and road sand. It’s probably best to stick to the mostly sunny roads right now.

  11. “As I walked back to my desk, I wondered if my coworkers could even begin to imagine how much fun I just had. Probably not…”

    perfectly spoken, jeff.

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