bikerackAmy and I traveled to Portland, OR. this past weekend to visit with Bill, Amy’s father. Fortunately the timing of this trip was perfect, for it coincided with the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The show was too overwhelming to absorb in one day, but that’s all we had. After returning home and reading better and more detailed accounts of the NAHMBS than I can offer, I’ll just post photos of some of the bike-art that caught my eye.

P.S. A local celebrity made a special appearance in Portland.


Renovo Hardwood Bicycles



Calfee Bamboo Tandem



Brian Baylis Bicycles



Wolfhound Cycles



Waterford Precision Cycles



Delta 7 Sports



Roark Titanium Bicycles

7 thoughts on “NAHMBS

  1. Speaking of celebrities (and I’m really trying to change the subject because that pic sorta creeped me out — no offense, Jeff) an old friend of mine lives in Portland and stopped by one of her regular hangouts for a beer after she got off work Saturday evening.

    There was a loud, boisterous group that caught her attention when she noticed that Lance Armstrong was part of it. I guess he showed up to ogle nice bikes, too.

  2. Scumfist- If you won’t be needing your bicycles anymore…. care to donate them to my quiver.

    Jeff- Hirsute? Grass doesn’t grow on a race track, my friend.

    Tim- I didn’t see Lance, but I heard he was seen chatting up our allegedly hirsute local celeb.

    Crowfoot- It was a full house, I didn’t notice if she was there.

  3. Jeff, I can’t believe you were right here in town and didn’t tell me. It would’ve been fun for two such devoted bike bloggers and Portland fans to meet in person. Are you still here?) I might have been fifty feet away from you as I pedaled by the convention center but didn’t have time to go to the show. Darn. Your pictures are drool-worthy. At least I get to see those.

  4. It was the other Jeff (Jeff P) that was at the bike show. Two Jeff’s write this blog, and it does get confusing at times. And that picture he linked to of me was a fake! I swear!

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