Trail Conditions

This is a picture from the top of the Kings Canyon road climb. As you can see, the southern exposures have melted, but anything that does not get direct sun still has quite a bit of snow on it. There is hope for a taste of singletrack in the near future if this current warm weather keeps up. And it looks like it will.

Kings Canyon

Kristy was out walking the Centennial Singletrack earlier this week, and she says most of the snow is gone out there. She thinks it might be dried out by the end of the week.

Tour de Nez moving to Northstar-at-Tahoe

This RGJ story was sent to me by Patrick C. Thanks for the heads up!

The Tour de Nez, a professional bicycling stage race, will be headquartered at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort in Truckee this year, organizers said last week.

Continue reading this article HERE.


Monday’s Road Ride

Bike Maintenance

The sand, snow, and ice of December and January took a serious toll on my single speed’s V brakes. Last weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and replaced by brake pads, housing, and cables. I wrote an article on Blue Collar Mountain Biking about a trick I used to make this maintenance task a little easier. The link to this article is HERE.

New Contributor to Cycling Carson City

Scott, aka XD, the man that has me continuously reaching for my dictionary, has joined on as a contributor to Cycling Carson City.  The first time I met Scott, he was bleeding profusely from one of Jeff P’s well constructed trails. I see him every once in a while when we’re out riding, but mostly I just know him from his comments here.  Scott does a bit of racing, and is even going down to the Sea Otter Classic. Racing coverage may be something Scott contributes too. We’ll see what he comes up with.

Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Tuesday’s Road Ride


Stay tuned for Jeff P’s update on this Weekend’s Iron Mountain Ride. He should have all the details tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. The Tuesday road ride pic, look at what an outcast I am!

    I sure wish all the ladies would come back so I have someone to hang with…

  2. Dude…that idiot that was honking at you from the gold Venture van that passed you at Ash Canyon/Winnie…

    That was me! 🙂

    Y’all rock. Happy Biking.

  3. yikes, i’m not sure if “bleeding profusely from one of jeff’s well constructed trails” is much of any indication i should be contributing to a cycle blog!

  4. Come on, Sandie. Marcus was looking pretty feminine in his control top tights. What more do you want?

    bbkld – I was wondering who that was. I saw the friendly wave!

    Scott…I like your idea of writing about trailside first aid!

  5. chris – are you talking about the tour of california? unfortunately not. at the sea otter i’ll participate in the sport class mtb race in the subcategory for profuse bleeders. the rest of the time i’ll watch the other races, make unannounced quality control inspections at the sierra nevada tent and see just how may free Muscle Milks i can accumulate from the Cytomax tent.

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