First Post & Death Ride News

I’m a bit at a loss here for my first post. First off, I’ve never posted on a blog with the exception of the occasional comment. Second, I haven’t been in the saddle nearly enough lately to really have much to say in the way of riding other than, I wish I was riding more, though I tend to say that even when I am riding a lot. A few short road rides and some quick trips to the grocery store has been the bulk of the cycle time as of late. Not a riveting tale to tell.

What I can report is that it appears that after 19 years of co-production of the Death Ride, the Alta Alpina Cycling Club (AACC) and the Alpine Chamber of Commerce tag team is no more. Apparently the AACC was unable to renew or re-negotiate the contract to co-produce the ride in 2008, thus ending a 19-year partnership. It’s hard to say how this will affect the Death Ride this year. Anyone who has participated in it in the past knows that it is a very well organized and supported ride. Personally, it’s probably the best ride I’ve participated in in that regard and arguably the most fun. According to the email that was sent to AACC members, Alta Alpina has been largely responsible for ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for participants: ensuring that the right food, water, and equipment gets to where it’s needed, ensuring the presence of experienced course marshals, SAG, tech support, appropriate signage, and a lot more.

This year the Chamber has indicated that they have the skills and experience necessary without involving the club.” Only the event itself will answer that question, but hopefully all goes well and nothing suffers as a consequence of the “new” management.I myself will not be participating in the Death Ride this year as the Downieville Classic takes place on the same weekend and I’m taking a crack at that. But I’ll miss it for sure. Anyone who is taking part this year, and especially those that have in the past, might want to weigh in afterwards on their impressions of this year’s event. I’ll tell you one thing, if they don’t have those tiny cans of V8 at the rest stops, I’d be a little hacked off.

5 thoughts on “First Post & Death Ride News

  1. Well, I did register for the ride. I did do the ride last year and it was a fabulous event. I am sad to hear the news. It makes me wonder what happened in that relationship. My first guess is that the Chamber of Commerce got greedy and wanted to host it themselves. No comments were posted on the Alta Alpina Website that I saw. If it does turn out to be a sucky event, their are several ” copy” events that are going on all over the place.

  2. Mark this as the year that the Death Ride caught a cold that later turned into the flu and then the pneumonia that finally killed it. If you compare centuries that are run by a bike club to centuries without, there is no comparison. Without a bike club involved, there is no passion and it shows. I’ll be sorry to see the Death Ride go.

  3. who knows, maybe if they figure out how much work it is to do on their own, the chamber of commerce might end up inviting them back for ’09.

  4. It’s too bad- the last five years I have done the Death Ride the support has been great. Thanks to Alta Alpina for doing a fantastic job.

    Maybe they could take over the Everest Challenge, which is looking for new management for 2009.

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